Why Is Digital Marketing Under The Spotlight? Learn more in this article.

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Have you spent more time on devices since lockdown began, compared to before? The vast majority of us are now using instant messaging apps, social media platforms, and other online resources to achieve a multitude of things in our lives. More people are online, doing more things, and marketers know this. For the first time in history, CEOs and owners are actually paying close attention to marketing forecasts and performance graphs. So, why is digital marketing so important at this time in history? How can companies plan for random disruptions like Covid-19? This article investigates:

Keeping The World Connected

Digital marketing has long been regarded as the future of advertising on planet Earth, and this was proven beyond a doubt when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in early 2020. The world realised just how important digitalisation is to retaining the integrity of society’s fabric during breakdowns of normal society. Digital platforms like social media, websites, and instant messaging tools were the only manners in which we were able to stay connected with one another.

Keeping The Shop Doors Open

Another reason why massive attention is now being given to digital marketing today, now that the pandemic is slowly starting to wind down, is because we’ve realised that it saved our brick-and-mortar businesses. Brands with physical stores were forced to either migrate to e-commerce or face liquidation if they didn’t have enough savings to carry them through. Those that were able to leverage digital marketing successfully were able to keep their doors “open”, and will likely be able to return to their brick-and-mortar stores once the worst of COVID-19 has passed.

Keeping The Customers Informed

The pandemic came and most of the world was forced to go into hiding. How did brands stay in touch with their customers? How did customers manage to get the answers to their questions without being able to physically visit stores? The answer was digital marketing platforms. Without them, who knows how many consumers – disgruntled over not being able to contact their favourite brands – would have jumped ship and aligned with more digital-savvy competitors.

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