Why International Work Experience Is A Good Investment For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The international business community might be more connected today than it has ever been, but that doesn’t mean business is the same wherever you go. One only needs to spend a few hours in a Chinese market to realise that commerce has a different way of taking place in different sectors of society. This adds weight to the growing argument that entrepreneurial success is improved when one has a better understanding of business in general – not just how business works in their country. This article offers four real benefits of getting some international work experience before heading out on your own:

1. Become Multi-Lingual

When you only speak one language, you can only realistically do business with people who speak that language. When you broaden your linguistic horizons and learn future-proofed languages like Spanish and Mandarin, you open yourself up to communication with a new audience of potential clients, business partners, investors or suppliers.


2. Learn How To Adapt

Living and working in a foreign country – especially if they don’t speak your native language – will require more than a sprinkle of adaptation. If nothing else, working abroad will teach an entrepreneur how to think on their feet, realign their strategy rapidly, and adapt to unforeseen challenges as and when required.

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3. Discover Blank Markets

Are you overwhelmed with business opportunities in your country? Chances are you’re not, and chances are you’re continuously slogging along to attract what little business you can. By spending time working in the overseas marketplaces, you pick up on industry trends that may not have reached your country of origin yet – which equals opportunity for you.


4. Expand Your Network

When we broaden our horizons and choose to leave our homes for far-flung work experience, we inevitably come into contact with more than a handful of new people. These people are valuable contacts that could end up assisting you in some way or form in the future and might be valuable additions to your existing industry network.

Entrepreneurship is growing faster in 2021 than ever before, and it looks like it’s only going to explode more as we head further into the new decade.

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