Why Software Developers Should Have Marketing Fundamentals Skills

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Let’s face it: web developers seldom have to concern themselves with the ins and outs of marketing activities. They build the website, and it is up to the marketing team to ensure that members of the public find and interact with it.

However, modern marketing trends have taken us a step away from this scenario, where website and marketing campaigns are developed in isolation. Everything is integrated, and the more we understand about each others’ fields, the more rounded and holistic our general industry understanding will be.

So, let’s have a look at four reasons why a web developer should know about marketing fundamentals:

Enhance Your Desirability

A web developer is an important function in a marketing department. A web developer with more than just web development skills is a unicorn that will always have a spot on the team. Modern recruiters look for versatile talent; people who can perform their core job responsibilities AND add value in other areas. The more that you know about the industry, the more desirable you’ll be within it.


Launch Your Own Products

Nobody wants to take orders from a boss for their entire working lives. Eventually, many web developers will go out on their own as freelance website developers, website hosting providers, etc. Understanding the fundamentals of marketing well will set a web developer up to be able to market and promote themselves as entrepreneurs should they wish to become their own bosses.

Setup A Fall-Back Career

Countless people, in today’s next normal society, will study in a specific field but not go into that field when looking for a career. You might not enjoy web development for the rest of your life, and that’s okay. Why not set yourself up with a plan B, fall-back career path by opening yourself up for becoming a digital marketer in the future.


Increase Your Income

This is the point you’ve probably been waiting to see. The simple fact is this: the more qualified you are in various disciplines within your broader industry, the better chance you’ll have of landing a job that pays more than just an entry-level web developer position. Skills add value to every position you work in, and the more skills you have – the more value you can add to an organisation.

Marketing fundamentals offer any industry professional, regardless of role, the basic understanding of how promotional activities are developed and conducted.

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