Why Digital Transformation Is A Process And Not A Destination?

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Digital transformation initiatives have been happening for some time now. The results have been – well, mixed. IT managers have had a difficult time of it as they are at the forefront of carrying through an unwelcome message back up the chain of command: digital transformation is a process and not a destination.

Here’s How To Get Started With Digital Transformation

Get Executive Level Buy-In

Whether you’ve only taken a few small steps towards digital transformation, or just beginning on your journey, you’ll require buy-in from the C-suite. Concentrate on earning executive management approvals for technological innovation over the long term before you pitch specific solutions.

Present realistic goals in order to ensure management understands the importance of maintaining momentum over time. Digital transformation is useless if it doesn’t facilitate strong relationships between employees and a company as well as consumers and brands. Leadership is fundamental in making this a reality.

Identify And Support Your Champions

Every business requires legacy champions. These people are well respected in the organisation and can assist to influence the higher-ups when it comes down to tech adoption as well as implementation. Have them continually emphasise the benefits of the changes which are taking place and share their own experiences utilising the technology.

Attitude – even fear – can become a major obstacle in digital transformation. Having reliable support teams in place at all levels of the organisation can assist to improve user adoption rates while reinforcing the notion that technological change is a positive change.

Digital Transformation Process

Drive Customer To The Core

In the age of experiential marketing, customers are not only defined by how they feel about a brand during a transaction, but rather by how they feel about every single interaction that they have with a brand from the time that they first connect.

With customers looking to do more and more of their own research, digital has become the main vehicle for brands in order to connect and engage customers. This means that the digital and physical engagement from brands needs to only have a strong digital footprint as well as consistency in how customers are engaged on a vast array of channels.

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