Why digital marketing becomes an important ally right now

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Few of us can argue that the world we live in has now completely changed. COVID-19 has set humanity on a different, more cautious path. We now have to be more careful; do things from a safe distance; find alternative ways to stay in contact with each other. If there was no such field like digital marketing, nobody knows where the commercial industry would be right now. Digital marketing has enabled brands to keep in touch with their target audiences and continue running promotions throughout the pandemic. If this isn’t evidenced enough that digital marketing is a brand’s best friend during times of crisis, these four will convince you:

  • More contact points

It has been often displayed that brand touch-points play a big role in lead acquisition. Digital marketing opens up multiple extra avenues of promotion (like email, social media, website content, forums) where brands have more opportunities to connect and engage their existing and potential customers. For example, businesses that rely on word-of-mouth advertising and feet through their doors had to radically change technique once lockdowns kicked in, with a move towards digital advertising and online selling instead.

  • Better brand reputation

The deck of legacy brands is being shuffled, and some cards are being thrown out. Legacy brands that act selfishly during times of crisis will not be legacy brands for very much longer in the new normal marketplace, and start-ups that dedicate themselves and their resources to improving the lives of their target audience might gain legacy status. Digital channels are where brand reputations are going to be made or broken – and either can happen (quite literally as recent events have shown) overnight.

  • Earn marketplace trust

The trust economy is upon us, and digital marketing platforms are arguably the best places for brands to build and maintain marketplace trust. Merely saying “trust us” is not enough to secure the confidence of customers, and could end up doing the opposite. Today, trust is garnered through customer reviews, forums, and sharing brand experiences on social media channels. So, if you’re looking to grow brand loyalty and trust, make sure you’re staying connected to customers where they are discussing your brand.

  • Make things happen

*CTAs used to make people take actions

Customers are taking actions like never before. Actions to safeguard their income, actions to protect their children from a viral infection, and actions to improve their lives with carefully-considered purchase decisions. Digital marketing comes in as an action-driven solution, where target audiences are given all of the information they need – then given opportunities to take actions (call now, find out more, book an appointment). The brand must offer life-improving content through digital marketing, then link to places where consumers can take action from the comfort of their homes (without having to visit in-store).

The world is fast becoming increasingly digital, with the Internet of Things changing the ways we connect and use the internet. Digital marketing is a vital brand tool during times of trouble and can ensure that business continues – come what may.

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