Why are Digital Marketers in such Demand?

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Digital marketers are so much in demand because, in case you hadn’t noticed, we have changed trajectory towards digital marketing. Everything digital is so exciting. Because of the rise in digital marketing, and the absolute necessity of developing a digital marketing strategy for your business, digital marketers are being snapped up left, right and centre.

The rise and rise of digital marketers

Worldwide, most jobs happen to be in the marketing sector and digital marketers fill the #1 spot in job rankings. Owing to this fact, superior digital marketing courses are in huge demand. The stats back this up. A number of marketers, in August 2018, stated that their digital marketing spend was set to increase by 12.3% into 2019. Offline, or traditional marketing, spend was set to decrease. To put it succinctly, digital markets make up the new wolf pack. Everyone wants to join the pack but not everyone will make it.

Meeting the digital demand

Many organisations are still stuck in semi-analogue mode but realise they must go digital or become defunct. Jia Wertz explains the reason for this:

“In today’s business world digital marketing touches all industries, from the retail industry to the education sector.  Schools and colleges aren’t the first businesses that come to mind when thinking of digital marketing, but it’s interesting to take a look at the business side of the education sector to see just how digital marketing has impacted all types of businesses.”

Digital marketing leads the way here. Business’ marketing contingent must become upskilled or they must hire out-of-house. It’s far more cost effective to upskill staff because of the very numbers that need to be upskilled.

DSM Digital School of marketing - digital marketers

So, in a nutshell, the reasons for the huge demand for digital marketers are:

  • Everything today is about digital.
  • Our lives revolve around digital outcomes.
  • Business does business the digital way.
  • Some organisations still in analogue marketing mode need to stay relevant by going digital.
  • Marketing is about company ranking. It’s only possible to move forward the digital way.
  • The talent torque in the online marketing sphere desperately needs the digital input.

Want to join the wolf pack and be a top digital marketer? The Digital School of Marketing’s courses are the best for you to achieve your ambitions! We offer a wide range of courses in the digital marketing arena so that you can upskill yourself and make sure that your company’s digital marketing strategy is top notch.

  • Our Social Media Marketing Course teaches students about the beast that is social media as well as the art of harnessing these platforms in the best possible way so that you can reach the right audiences.
  • The Digital Copywriting and Content Marketing Course lets students in on the fine art of writing compelling and engaging copy for the web. We break this down into its nuts and bots so that you have implement these techniques as well.
  • The SEO and Web Analytics Course shows students how to design content that Google loves so that you have a better chance of shooting up the search engine results pages.
  • The National Certificate of Adverting and Digital Marketing, which is our premier accredited course, gives students the knowledge that they need to navigate the wilds of the marketing and advertising fields.

This is just a small taste of what digital marketing courses and certifications we have to offer. For a comprehensive list, please visit our website and see how to bring your organisation into the digital marketing arena.

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