Why a Company’s Mission is Integral to Digital Marketing

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How will a company know where they are going if they don’t know who they are? Sam Frank said, “The job of the mission statement is to articulate the essence of why the organization exists.” As a digital marketer, is it imperative that you understand who your clients are, what they stand for and why they exist to help them achieve success. So, here are three reasons why a company’s mission is integral to your digital marketing success.

Reason for a mission statement

It provides direction

Not only does a mission statement provide direction for a company but it also moves it forward! To create a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to know where the company is going and what your future plans are.

The mission statement is the perfect tool for this as it creates a strong foundation that you, as the digital marketer, needs. Conceptualised in a different fashion, think of the company’s digital marketing strategy as a journey and the mission statement as the GPS coordinates of the end goal for your campaign. If you don’t have your mission statement, you won’t end up with the results that you want.

It provides consistency

When companies stop inventing and changing, they die slow deaths. But resistance to change is not the same as consistency. As companies grow, they run the risk of losing focus and their unique culture. But if they stick to their mission statement, their clients know what they’re getting. This means that they can plot a clear digital marketing strategy that will guarantee success.

It communicates the purpose of the company

When people know why a company exists, it is much easier for them to build a relationship with that company, engage with them and ultimately buy from them. Ultimately, your company mission becomes the fundamental cog in your strategy that brings prospects into your sales funnel. It is then up to other mechanisms in your company to guide them towards making a purchase. To read more about the digital marketing sales funnel, read our article on the subject.

This is exactly what you want to achieve as a digital marketer. By communicating a company’s mission effectively, their clients will also know what their values are which can reassure them that this is the company they want to do business with.

For a company’s mission statement to reach consumers, it needs to touch their emotions. People are hard wired to take action if their emotions are stimulated to do so. So, when drafting the statement, make sure that you are authentic when you write it and that it adequately reflects the values and ethos of your company.

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