What’s The Future Scope Of The Digital Marketing Industry?

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Marketing and advertising technologies have come along in massive leaps and bounds in the last three decades. What is possible now was complete science fiction as far back as the 1980s. Technology brings change, and there is not an industry on the planet immune to change. The best we can do to predict where we’re going is to assess where we are, and what trends seems to be developing at this time in history. This article takes a close look at how COVID-19 has influenced the digital marketing industry, how AI and automation are threatening future digital marketing jobs, and a few trends coming to light as we move closer to 2021.

COVID-19 And Marketing

The recent pandemic, while devastating for humanity in general, has actually been a good thing for the digital marketing industry. The world’s population was forced to remain indoors on their devices for months on end, which meant more people browsing social media and other avenues where marketing is present. Likewise, the digital marketing profession has received an influx of new service providers, each bringing new ideas and creativity to the table.

Automation And Job Security

One large factor integrating more and more into the digital marketing industry is artificial intelligence (AI). We can’t discuss the future of digital marketing without talking about AI, and there’s a reason for this. Artificial intelligence is making the jobs of countless marketers much easier, but how will this affect digital marketing job security? There are already jobs being taken by automation, including copywriting, pay-per-click advertising, social media community management, and others.

Upcoming Marketing Trends

  • Insights-Driven Marketing

    Social media platforms, and other data-tracking tools, offer insights that have become non-negotiable in every business’ marketing mix. Engagement data is going to play a central role in shaping the digital marketing industry in the future as more marketers will realise that getting the right marketing mix is all about seeing what worked before and duplicating that successful formula.

  • Conversational Marketing

    The rise of smart speakers, machine learning, and AI, conversational marketing is going to become very important in the digital marketing future. Consumers are changing the way they search for information, with voice search growing in popularity. Therefore, marketing content will have to become a lot more conversational to cater for the conversational search phrases consumers will be speaking into their device microphones.

  • Higher Demand For Data Jobs

As mentioned above, data-driven decisions are going to become critical in any brand’s digital marketing success. But it’s not just the data that is required. The data needs to be collected, collated, assessed for forthcoming patterns, and then conclusions need to be drawn. All of this requires time as well as resources, and thus data analyst and similar positions are going to increasingly popular, in the digital marketing industry, moving forward.

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