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Digital marketing is big business. A cursory search on LinkedIn, of people with the anything related to ‘digital marketing’ in their titles, brings back just under 159 000 results. So if there are so many people who are employed in this line of work, there must be a pressing need that exists among businesses.

‘Digital marketing’ is about so much more than online marketing. Yes, essentially digital marketing happens in an online space however there are many tools and techniques that are available to marketers when they want to expand their company’s reach online. Here are some of them.

Creating incredible content

We’re sure that you know the saying “Content is King”. This has been around since the dawn of the Internet and refers to the fact that Google will rank your website more highly, on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) if you have good quality content on your site.

So, this then begs the question: What is ‘good quality’ content? Is it prose that is as elegantly put together as Shakespeare or Charlotte Bronte? Or does this term refer to copy that would rival David Ogilvy, the father of modern advertising?

If you want to put copy on your website that fits into either of these two categories, be our guest. However, make sure that it will strike a chord with your target audience. Remember that the purpose of having content on your website is to keep your website visitors on your site for longer. So, if they enjoy reading Shakespeare-or-Ogilvy-esque copy, put it up!

However, generating good-quality copy doesn’t have to be as complicated as this. All that you need to do is to make it flow well, ensure that it’s original and proofread it before you post so that it’s free from typos and grammatical errors. You don’t have to be a brilliant wordsmith in order to create fantastic copy. All you need to know is what your audience is looking for and give this to them.

Get into your audience’s minds

No, we’re not saying that you need to become a fortune teller or that you need to hire one. All we’re saying is that you need to figure out what your audience, or potential customer, will be searching for when they want a product and/or service like yours. This is so that you can make sure that the keywords or terms that they are searching for are on your website.

You can do this in a number of ways. Some ideas are to:

  • Hold a focus group of a wide range of your customers. Ask them what they search for to find your company’s website.
  • Head off to Google and type in the name of your product and/or service. See what comes up and – most importantly – what the questions are that people are asking about the subject.
  • Do some competitor research. Check out their websites and see what keywords appear most frequently on their sites.

People are spending more and more time on digital platforms such as Google and social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Because you know that they are there most of the time, you should be talking to them here. Digital marketing is extremely cost effective which allows you to stretch your marketing budget further and engage in more effective campaigns.

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