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If you want to learn something about any topic today, you simply type it into a search engine and voila! The problem is information overload. You don’t know where to start or which sources to trust.

Therefore, we’ve compiled this blog post to share our tips and tricks about marketing of the Internet. So, without further ado, here’s a snippet of what we can teach you about digital marketing.

Fundamental digital marketing lessons

Digital marketing exists to create awareness and engagement

The aim of digital marketing is not only to create awareness of a brand but more importantly, to create engagement and ultimately, sales. Always keep engagement in mind and prioritise it!

So when you’re strategising about how to put together your next social media marketing campaign, think carefully about how you’re going to promote engagement as well as how you will measure the success of your campaign. Remember that measuring ‘likes’ is no longer sufficient. In fact, these are termed as ‘vanity metrics’ as they show how many people liked it but doesn’t show how many people engaged with your brand because of it. The better metric to measure in your social media marketing campaigns is how many people clicked through to your website from the campaign.

Content creation is an excellent tool for digital marketers

You don’t have to know everything about writing and content creation, but being able to write good press releases, social media posts or website content is very handy.

Why do we say this? Content marketing generates the highest ROI as opposed to any other forms of digital marketing. It’s also one of the cheapest forms of online marketing. So, if you don’t feel that your writing is up to scratch, hire a digital copywriter and content marketer to generate your copy. The bonus is that because writing copy is this person’s core competency they will perform the function almost perfectly.

Digital marketing helps convert prospective buyers into loyal followers

Whether it’s through content or advertising campaigns, effective digital marketing strategies help build trust and relationship, which leads to creating loyal followers and customers – not just prospects. Digital marketing helps customers to develop relationships with companies. This type of marketing helps to get their target audience to trust the organisation. And when this happens, you’ve developed a brand advocate for the company.

Data and analytics are a must for digital marketing

Being able to “read”, understand or interpret and use data and analytics is an extremely valuable skill to have in digital marketing. In fact, we’ll go one further. Data and analytics is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of digital marketing as these metrics help the marketer judge whether or not the campaign has been a success.

Build relationships

Partnerships and relationships with influencers and other brands will take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. After all, your network is your net worth because through this interconnection other satisfied customers will be able to refer others to you. Word of mouth marketing is the most valuable so if you get a referral from a happy customer, you’re almost guaranteed the new business.

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