Businesses Can’t Afford To Overlook Regarding Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation. If you’re a business owner, you could be here because COVID-19 threw you a curveball and you’ve heard that adopting more digitalisation will safeguard your business into the uncertain future. You’ve heard right, and that’s pretty much the crux of digital transformation. The good news is that you aren’t beginning from scratch here. If you send invoices over WhatsApp or email, or if you give your travelling salespeople portable internet connectivity to stay patched into the office, you’re already on the digital transformation path. It’s just going to get better from this point, but there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on how to go about transforming digitally:

It’s Not Just About Technology

Where many businesses fail, when we’re dealing with digital transformation, is thinking that it’s all about improving your local network, your internet connectivity, your computers and devices, etc. Transformation is nuanced and reliant on changes in behaviour as much as changes in infrastructure. Company leaders, for example, who oppose the uncertainty of new systems and technologies can often be stumbling blocks on the road to business improvement through digital transformation. Likewise, if employees can’t understand or use the new technologies, transformation will be stalled.

It’s Not Just About The Business

Another thing countless business overlook when transforming digitally is this: true digital transformation is a two-way street. Just like the business will need better internet connectivity to engage in video conference calls with external stakeholders and travelling staff, so too will these individuals need increased digitalisation to make the system work. In other words, working from home (WFH) employees will also need a fast internet connection to patch in successfully and participate in business activities remotely.

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It’s Not A Once-Off Investment

Buy a bunch of super-fast computers, upgrade your network to Wi-Fi 6, and get a 100Gbit/s internet connection. That’s your business’s digital transformation complete, right? Not exactly, but this certainly is a brilliant start! The truth is that true digital transformation includes the acceptance that it is a continuous process. Businesses should be quicker to adopt new technologies, as they emerge with a promise to improve organisations like yours. Instead of seeing digital transformation as a project, see it as a sector on its own, like finance and sales and marketing.

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