What Is The Value Of Authentic Entrepreneurship?

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These days, new products, as well as services, appear in the marketplace with the speed of light. With the same supersonic speed, they eventually disappear. The competition is very strong and, even in times and particular niches, aggressive.

Entrepreneurs, who are aiming to not merely start a company but also to stay and even dominate the marketplace, are working diligently on building their strong and well-recognised brands. And offering authentic experiences is what makes some brands more popular and better recognised than others.

The importance of authenticity is means a lot in any successful company. Being authentic is about being original and genuine in what you do. For you to succeed in your entrepreneurial venture you need to be truly you. Your truth matters a lot and it creates value as well as profits for improving your business.

Your authenticity works positively in your organisation’s growth as it:

  • Establishes your very identity
  • Provides density to your business’s products as well as services
  • Gives a guarantee to clients that whatever you have to offer is of really high and good quality.

Moreover, it makes individuals know how your services are helping them and marks you as a highly trusted and reliable business. Authenticity is a key component to entrepreneurial success and it’s a fact!

How To Become A More Authentic Entrepreneur

Observe Yourself Objectively To Create Authenticity

Learn to see yourself like a fly on the wall. Watch over yourself as you live in the current moment, observing how you behave, what you believe, how you react under pressure, and how you respond to challenges.

Practise noticing which of these replies feel authentic and which ones don’t. By distinguishing which responses are adaptive vs authentic, you can start to notice the falseness and start to see the glimmers of truth underneath.

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Examine Your Doubts To Develop Authenticity

When exploring your Authentic Self, you may feel uncertain of how to go about it. You may question if it’s even possible to change what feels so deeply ingrained within you or is invisible to you. So keep a lookout for feelings of doubt.

Doubts can be like breadcrumbs that guide you to your Authentic Self. If you doubt something—a thought, behaviour, emotion, experience—reflect for a moment to find whatever is underneath. Is your Authentic Self trying to tell it to “stop it?”

Ask Yourself What You Truly Believe

One more pro-active approach is to just start with pad and paper (or it can be a mental exercise) and then to begin listing your beliefs about yourself, beliefs like:

  • “I am not good enough”,
  • “Nobody loves me”,
  • “I’m stupid, fat, ugly, etc.”

Then scrutinise each one, enlarge on it, and reflect back on how and when you acquired that belief, who gave it to you, why you will continue to hold on to it, and if it represents “the authentic you” that you want to be today.

​Now put together positive alternatives to those negative opinions, such as “I am good enough,” or “I am super just the way I am,” etc. And repeat the beliefs as positive affirmations to get them to stick.

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