What Is The Significance Of Branding A Business?

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What is a brand? If you immediately thought of Coca-Cola or McDonalds, you’d be like 99% of us. There are iconic brands that have managed to chisel their typefaces and slogans into the very foundation of modern human existence and are instantly recognisable the world over. You see a white-bearded old man and a red bucket of chicken and you think of? If you said anything other than KFC, you don’t live on planet Earth! This article takes a closer look at three reasons why building a strong brand around a business is absolutely critical for its long-term success.

Building An Identity

A business’s brand is its identity. Branding puts a name, face, and personality to an organisation. Consumers don’t want to associate with the sterile, run-of-the-mill businesses that are one step above being confused for a government organisation. They want to meet quirky businesses as much as they want to see quirky people. It’s something different; a pleasant change in a sea of retail monotony. Unique branding gives a business a unique personality, which specific people (hopefully your target audiences) will associate with.

 Creating An Asset

Are you in love with your logo? You probably paid a pretty sum for the development of your branding (unless you did it yourself), and you should want to see a return on investment. In fact, so much money and time and effort go into promoting a brand. Your branding is an asset that will make your business money, so it stands to reason that the quality of that branding is going to play a role in how appealing your brand and the business it represents is to the target audiences.

Becoming Memorable

The best thing you can wish for as a business optimising your branding is this: memorability. I say “just do it” and what do you think of? Your brain immediately thinks “Nike” because their branding, featuring the slogan, is memorable enough that you committed it to memory. You might not even own a single item of Nike apparel, but you will instantly recognise the brand if you spot the iconic swoosh logo – even without the word NIKE written underneath it. Memorable brands are those that focus on setting their branding completely apart from that of their competitors.

Managing a brand is tough, but this field has its rewards. One of them is being able to build a brand from the ground up. It’s like bringing something to life, giving it a look and personality and tone of voice.

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