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Love it, hate it or just tolerate it, without email marketing being around, digital marketers would have been responsible for the annihilation of many, many more trees without it. Digital newsletters are scheduled, recurring messages from organisations to a list of subscribers which usually has a webpage counterpart or archive that represents a specific type of content.

In contrast, many email marketing efforts may include automated messages which are triggered by an auto-responder, e-blasts to a rented list or an email list that is shared by a complementary business, or as part of a drip campaign which is run through a marketing automation platform.

Why Use A Digital Newsletter?

Email newsletters are definitely one of the most powerful digital marketing tools which are available to market your business. They give you the opportunity to communicate in a personalised way with your customers as well as deliver the correct message at the right time.

In fact, a recently conducted study found that email marketing leads 4.24% of visitors to complete a sale. Compare this with 2.49% of website visitors who come from search engines and 0.59% who visit from social media.

Email newsletters deliver several different messages:

  • Some are designed to promote products or events.
  • Others are designed to build community among a membership base or offer tips as well as advice.

While your call-to-action (CTA) will change with the different campaigns which you conduct, the name of the game is constantly the same—engaging your customers.

Consistency Is Key

Like other clever content marketing tactics, digital newsletters tend to follow a stable editorial format directed to particular customer segments. Newsletters are often utilised in order to build and maintain strong relationships with prospects, customers as well as clients by providing useful tips, information and news about the business.

What Does A Winning Digital Newsletter Design Look Like?

A winning newsletter design combines a variety of visuals and smart copywriting that are important elements which contribute to a company’s overall impression and brand message.

A digital newsletter can easily feel cluttered because of its nature. The trick for email marketing to look uncluttered turns around two things:

  • Concise copy, and
  • Sufficient white space in the design.

Concise copy is key as you don’t really want to have your newsletter subscribers hang out and read your email all day. You want to send them somewhere else (your website or blog, for instance) to actually consume the entire piece of content. Concise copy gives your subscribers a small taste of your content. This is just enough that they will want to click and learn more.

White space is key in digital newsletters as well because it helps to visually ease the cluttered feel, and on smart devices, makes it much simpler for people to click on the right link.

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