What is marketing management?

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The term ‘marketing management’ refers to the organisational discipline that focuses on the real-world application of:

  • Marketing orientation,
  • Techniques and methods used inside enterprises and organisations, and
  • The management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities.

The concept of marketing management reviews the process which is made use of in order to determine which products or services may pique the interest of customers as well as the strategy to use in a particular business in order to carry out the marketing mix. Marketing management also explores the process of interpreting, creating and delivering value to targeted business markets and customers.

Marketing Management and the Marketing Mix

The ‘marketing mix’ is a strategy which a business uses in order to put together a product/service offering for its target market.

A marketing mix strategy is designed using the 4Ps of marketing:

  • Product,
  • Place,
  • Price, and
  • Promotion

In the case of marketing a service, there are 3 more Ps:

  • Physical Evidence,
  • People, and
  • Process

The marketing mix concept was originally developed by Neil Bordon. It is called a ‘marketing mix’ to suggest how a marketer mixes several elements (Product, Price, Place, Promotion etc) in order to give the customer an offering that is relevant to them. The main objective of marketing mix strategy is to make the right product at correct price at the right place with right promotion.

Marketing management and the brand audit

Another tool that is vitally important that marketing managers use, on a regular basis, in the brand audit.

A ‘brand audit’ is a comprehensive analysis which shows the current performance of your brand in comparison to its stated goals. The next step is to look at the wider landscape to see how that performance positions your company in the market.

The way in which companies carry out brand audits will differ depending on industries and individual organisation. Regardless of the exact criteria you elect to measure, a brand audit should give you the opportunity to:

  • Establish how your brand is performing
  • Discover what the strengths and weaknesses of your brand are
  • Align your brand strategy more closely with your customers’ expectations
  • Understand your place in the market as opposed to the competition

Why is marketing management important to business?

The core of any business success’ lies in its marketing methodologies. Marketing management streamlines the activities and functions which are involved in distributing goods and services. Marketing management is importance in business as with this skill business can face thriving competition and the requirement for developed distribution strategies to reduce cost and to increase profits. Today, marketing management is the most important function in a commercial and business enterprise.

Here are a couple of reasons why marketing management is so important for business in the current environment:

Introduce new products

For an organisation to succeed, the product or service that it offers must be known to potential buyers. If your business is not known to potential customers, and you don’t have any kind of relationship with your customers, then marketing management techniques can assisting you with creating brand awareness for your service or product.

Put another way,  marketing management is vital for any business because it helps you to:

  • Understand what your customers need
  • Improve your product and/or service to satisfy customers’ requirements
  • Expand to reach new potential customers
  • Provide the correct tools at the correct time
  • Save company time and money by focusing your resources

Boost your Sales

Marketing management sets the economy in motion. The job of marketing is to match a company’s capabilities with what a customer wants. Once your product, service or company gets to the place that you expected it to, this increases your chances that consumers purchase from you.

Increase Company Reputation

The major of marketing management activities are buying, selling, financing, transport, warehousing, risk bearing as well as building company reputation.  A company’s success rests on a solid reputation. The image of the company is very important because it is the soul of the business. Only marketing strategies can assist any company in order to build a strong reputation through  identifying the best opportunities that are worth pursuing in addition to the threats to be avoided.

Source of New Ideas

Marketing management is a dynamic concept. It is responsible for differentiating a company from its competition by recognising the distinctive benefits and the supporting elements. Marketing management also nourishes an environment for healthy completion in the marketplace. It gives scope for understanding this new demand pattern and improves the effectiveness of the marketing message to customers and partners.

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