What is lead generation?

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Anyone involved in lead generation will more than likely agree that digital lead generation is one of the most important elements of their digital marketing strategy however, they’ll also tell you that it seems a lot easier than it actually is.

Do you find lead generation in the world of digital marketing difficult?  If you do, then you’re not alone.

But, what is lead generation and why has this getting tougher to execute?

In the digital world anyone who shows an interest in your business, product or service is considered a ‘lead’.  Not only does a business want to capitalise on all potential leads but they also want to generate more leads – hence ‘lead generation’.

There are quite a few proven techniques to generate leads through digital marketing and it’s extremely beneficial to complete a digital marketing course so that you’re fully aware of all the lead generating tactics.

Why lead generation matters

Online competition is stiff – there’s no doubt about it.  Yet, despite the massive digital competition every business needs to continually generate and capture potential leads.  Attracting the attention of savvy online consumers is an absolute must if you want your business to grow.

Once you have a potential customer’s attention, you’ll want to quickly move them along the sales funnel and convert them to a customer where you’ll continue to nurture them as a client.  Without efficient and effective lead generation in the competitive digital landscape, your brand will lose out on potential revenue.

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Barriers to effective lead generation

Generating leads is what drives a business to greater heights, however, there can be barriers and challenges that can prevent executing fantastic lead generation.   The most obvious blocks are budget, resources, lack of staff and time.

While keeping the above reasons in mind, it’s also important to note that your online content isn’t attracting the right attention.  Also, note that your sales team’s follow-thorough may not be up to scratch and they’re letting valuable leads slip through the system.

Option confusion may also prevent you from putting the right lead generation strategy into action.  Instead of haphazardly spreading your content around the internet, start with focussing on one or two channels instead for maximum effect.

Trends, tips and techniques to improve lead generation

There are tried and tested successful trends, tips and techniques to improve your company’s lead generation, such as form completions, sign-ups, discount offers and subscription.  It’s worthwhile to complete a digital marketing course so that you are completely up to date with all the latest trends and techniques.

However, in the meantime, here are a few that will help you get your lead generation back on track.

  • Develop a content strategy – Increasing your lead generation isn’t only about creating brand awareness, it’s all about executing a well-thought out content strategy. Developing a solid content strategy is key to being consistent and generating more leads.
  • Target an audience – Know your target audience and you’ll increase your lead generation. Speak to their needs and wants.  Offer a workable solution to get them hooked.
  • Get visual – Use images, infographics or videos to pique interest and attract leads. Visuals are far more memorable than text.
  • Automation – Time is key when following up on leads. There has to be a strike-while-it’s-hot mentality, otherwise they are most likely to lose interest.  There are quite a few great tools available that can help automate your lead generation process.
  • Email campaign – A direct email campaign is still highly effective in generating leads. Start off sending a general email and once leads are generated then personalise your reply mails.
  • Add a website form – This is a great way to capture leads. Add a simple straightforward form to your site and offer something small in return for the visitor completing the form, perhaps a checklist, how-to video or a newsletter.
  • Google Ads – Once you’ve picked out the best keywords that are relevant to your business, you can generate leads through Google Ads as they search online.
  • Consider a webinar – If you have great, valuable content to share, consider hosting a webinar to generate leads. The registrants are often leads that successfully convert to customers.
  • Social media – This is a great platform for generating leads and is relatively easy to achieve as more people are active on these channels.

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