What is a holistic marketing orientation?

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A holistic marketing approach looks at a business with all its connected components as a whole. Customers, employees, suppliers and the community at large are carefully considered.  The strategy comprises of integrated activities with a focus on one common goal.  Below are four components of an effective holistic marketing orientation.

Relationship Marketing

It’s all about building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers, which leads them to trust your brand.  An emotional bond is formed, with the idea that the customer is more than a sales transaction.  A customer who feels valued is more likely to commit to repeat business.  It is also easier to drive sales when customers trust you and what you have to offer.  They have a strong opinion of your reputation and will be more inclined to promote your business to others.  Some ways to do this are:

  • Improving customer experience through performing and analysing customer surveys.
  • Implement changes to the business with the customer in mind.
  • Make use of social media channels to interact and review performance.

Internal Marketing

Your employees are the soul of the business.  If they do not buy into your brand, there is no authenticity in what the consumer sees.  Your employee is a direct representation of what your business is about.  It is essential that they are happy with the brand and understand the pivotal role they play in the more critical business marketing strategy.

Social Marketing

Part of a holistic approach involves considering the society in which you operate.  You can create an authentic relationship with the client and the community at large by contributing positively to it.  It is essential to set and uphold the morals and values of your organisation.  Initiatives which highlight your organisation’s commitment to the community is an example.  It goes beyond your customers and extends to uplifting what is significant to them. What should be considered when compiling this strategy is:

  • Genuine, sincere engagements.
  • What is essential to your target market?
  • Non-focus on sales but on garnering relationships and creating bonds.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is putting forward a unified brand to your customers.  All forms of communication must be aligned.  This includes:

  1. Advertising
  2. Public Relations
  3. Direct marketing
  4. Promotions and activations
  5. Social Media

By providing the same message across all platforms, the consumer is clear on what your brand is.  It reiterates the theme of what is being communicated and creates a uniform image.  With this in place, there is a better chance that a consumer will react.

As with any organisation, its performance is the sum of its parts.  For something to be effective, it needs to be ingrained into the fabric of the organisation.  There are benefits to this approach, such as business efficiency, effective marketing strategies, consistency of the brand, and harmony in the messages the consumers receive.

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