What Is Experiential Marketing?

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As opposed to traditional or online marketing efforts, experiential marketing is an exceptionally fast and effective way in order to build brand awareness all through face-to-face connections with consumers. This type of marketing engages all five senses, so sparking emotions which form lasting memories that have been shown to drive brand loyalty.

Experiential marketing allows you to connect with your customers in an authentic as well as a relevant way, while building brand awareness and loyalty at the same time. You’ll be rewarded with deep consumer insights which could prove to be invaluable in your business.

Your customers need to have the opportunity to interact with your brand and experience it in a manner that they could never do with traditional marketing. You have the chance to create amazing experiences which build trust and loyalty with your current customers and lure future customers to learn more about your brand.

The Definition

Experiential marketing is a strategy which engages consumers by using branded experiences. Every so often referred to as “live marketing” or “event marketing experience,” the idea behind experiential marketing is to create a memorable impact on the consumer, in other words one which will encourage them to share with their friends both online and off. These experiences may include an event, a part of an event, or a pop-up activation which is not tied to any or of event.

At its very heart, experiential marketing is all about submerging consumers in live experiences. It’s possible a similar approach which you already make use of when crafting your event experience.

How Events And Experiential Marketing Overlap

Events most frequently overlap with experiential marketing campaigns in two particular ways:

  1. Events can be part of a bigger experiential campaign, such as the grand opening of a pop-up shop.
  2. Smaller brand activations may exist in individual experiential activations such as on-site art installations.

No matter which is the case that you fall under, it is necessary for you to be clear on the goals for each and every single campaign. There are various ways in which you are able to measure the impact of an experiential campaign. Social expressions which are earned (which is why having a distinctive event hashtag is so essential) and by assessing your attendees after an event.

Events And Experiential Marketing Hologram

What Makes Experiential Marketing So Very Powerful?

At its very core, experiential marketing is all about establishing a profound connection between a brand and its customers. More than merely promoting a particular product to a passive audience, this marketing is intended to have customers vigorously engage with a brand’s identity as well as its core values.

For customers, experiential marketing offers them with a chance to interact directly as well as build a profound relationship with a brand. Even if you have an event which caters to thousands of people, each person will come away from it with an experience which is unique to them.

For brands, particularly small businesses, this marketing is a golden opportunity for increasing customer loyalty as well as direct sales. Successful experiential marketing campaigns don’t just introduce individuals to their brand however serve as ways in order to activate new customers as well as introduce them into their sales funnel, with 65% of brands reporting that their experiential marketing efforts lead to direct sales.

However, beyond direct marketing experiential marketing also offers a way to increase their brand awareness and exposure drastically, either through turning their audience into brand ambassadors or encouraging participants to share their experience on social media.

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