What Is Brand Mantra?

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Businesses which stand out in the marketplace are able to drive new customers as well as start to fundamentally build their brand. This starts from the inside out by developing a consistent brand mantra.

Brand mantra is sometimes referred to as the brand essence while others call it a brand promise. A brand mantra is short (usually between two and five words) and captures the competitive frame of reference, the moments of difference, the aspects of parity in addition to everything else about your brand into a single thought. A brand mantra is to brand positioning exactly what triple distillation is to whiskey. They both remove the impurities, refining as well as simplifying to an essential form.

A brand mantra isn’t an advertising slogan or (alternatively) a tagline. In a lot of cases, it won’t be something that you use publicly at all. Phenomenal mantras have the ability to change everything. They become rallying cries which define everything that a brand is and will ever be. However, because they are part purification process and part poetry they are also incredibly hard to make well.

What Goes Into a Brand Mantra?

A brand mantra is an organisation’s primary positioning in addition to its stake-in-the-ground message. This message is the foundation on which a brand scales, what the business prides itself on, and an indicator of the trajectory of a particular brand. It’s an instrument of self-transformation, in other words an affirmation that we repeat to express and grow the beliefs we hold most dear.

When Is A Brand Mantra At Its Most Powerful?

A brand mantra is at its most influential when it becomes a deeply resonant piece of the DNA of the organisation. It can be utilised in order to rally an internal or external brand community to action. In addition, a brand mantra can be used as a touchstone that the organisation returns to when making difficult decisions.

What Are Criteria For A Brand Mantra?

The following are criteria for a brand mantra:

  • A single-focused message
  • Differentiation of the brand from competitors
  • An evocation of customer experience with the brand
  • Consistent delivery
  • A representation of the reality of what a customer might feel

Showcase Your Brand’s Value Constantly

Your mantra must be digestible as well as clear while embracing the true value of your brand. Every word matters, so choose or omit meticulously.  This mantra should not be a long paragraph or run-along sentence but instead a concise message which showcases your brand’s guiding purpose. Avoid imaginative words and fluff. Instead, make use of straightforward language which has depth as well as meaning.

Your staff members should resonate with this brand mantra. It  should be simple to remember and will guide their actions on a day-to-day basis. This should be supported by every member of your team, at every touchpoint of your organisation. From the C-suite to a newly hired intern, this mantra should be clear and practised throughout your operations.

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