What Is A Marketing Manager?

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Marketing management is an exciting career choice. In this line of work you get to brainstorm ideas, bring them to life and share them with the world. Sounds fun, right? But when you delve a little deeper it does get a little more complex than just dreaming up ideas.

What Does Marketing Management Involve?

Technically speaking, marketing management refers to the practical application of marketing techniques and methods within organizations. It also involves managing the marketing resources and marketing activities of the organization. While these tasks are usually carried out by a team, the marketing function as a whole is overseen by a marketing manager.

Marketing Manager – Defined

A marketing manager is responsible for carrying out and managing the marketing activities of an organization. They are tasked with developing and implementing marketing strategies for digital and traditional platforms. Their marketing strategies often include market research, customer relations, content creation and more.

What Exactly Does A Marketing Manager Do?

Marketing managers are tasked with controlling communication between an organization and its customers. They are also responsible for overseeing the activities of the entire marketing department. Together, the marketing manager and his/her team craft promotional messages, which they work to publish across the various media channels. It takes a great deal of specialized industry knowledge to be a successful marketing manager. Specialists in this field need the skills to:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Ensure that the right promotional messages are being communicated.
  • Make sure the promotional material is catering to the right audience.
  • Ensure marketing material is being distributed via the correct channels (social media, print magazines, etc).
  • Increase brand awareness.

The Functions Of Marketing Management

Let’s take a moment to examine the functions of a marketing manager in more detail.

  • Market Research

Marketing managers have to carry out market research to get a better understanding of their customer’s needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Marketing research enables managers to identify new market opportunities. This helps to create a market niche for the organization’s products/ services. Market research is also about studying the organization’s competitors to ensure that the organization’s products and marketing techniques are on point.

  • Marketing Strategy

Marketing managers are tasked with the responsibility of developing effective marketing strategies for their organization. These strategies give the marketing team a clear outline of how to promote the organization’s products or services to its target market. This is done to increase sales and maintain a competitive edge over competitors.

  • Advertising and Promotion

One of the most essential duties of a marketing manager is to oversee the organization’s advertising campaigns. This includes crafting attractive and relevant promotional material. The art of advertising also involves knowing when and where to place adverts. Marketing professionals usually have to work within a strict budget. So they need to be savvy when it comes to ad placement, and must carefully select the correct channels (digital, print, etc).

  • Brand Awareness

Marketing specialists are also responsible for creating brand awareness for an organization in its entirety. Creating brand awareness involves using the brand’s identity (names, symbols, and slogans) to ensure that customers are familiar with the organization’s image, message and particular brand of products or services.

  • Customer and Public Relations

Marketing managers are hugely involved in managing the relationship between the organization and its customers. They keep a close eye on the level of customer satisfaction through surveys and other data. This information is used to ensure that customers receive excellent, thereby building lasting relationships. Marketing managers also act as the face of an organization when dealing with the press.

  • Employee Management

Marketing managers serve as the head of an organization’s marketing department. As such, they are responsible for the employees on their team. They are tasked with setting goals and assigning duties to departmental staff. Managers of this team also have to periodically carry out employee performance evaluations for their staff.

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