What Is A Brand Language?

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The term ‘brand language’ refers to the body of words, phrases as well as terms which an organisation uses in order to describe its purpose or in reference to the products which is sells. Brand language is utilised in marketing in order to help consumers to connect particular words or ideas to particular companies or products.

When creating a brand language, word choice, as well as tone, are two of the fundamental components. The term ‘word choice’ refers to the vocabulary, which is used in the marketing or advertising, while tone refers to the stance of the advertisement. Tone is not limited to language as it can also be incorporated through visual elements in addition to delivery.

The brand language is an essential part of verbal brand identity, which includes the naming of

  • Corporation
  • The products that the corporation sells
  • Taglines
  • Idiosyncratic wording choices
  • Tone

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Brand Language?

Another benefit of developing a brand language is the ability for a corporation or product to be recognisable across international borders, while other advertising codes can be misinterpreted, words can be translated to ensure brand unity. Brand language helps brands find the words to say who they are, and what they stand for.

Your brand language, or ‘tone of voice’, defines you. It shapes the relationships you build with people. Branding goes far beyond the development of a logo. In fact, it’s usually best to consider a brand as a company’s promise to its customers. This promise is communicated through consistent colours, graphics and wording. Therefore easy customer recognition is ensured and an immediate connection is encouraged.

A Brand Language Is A Help To Marketers

Developing a brand language is a marketing tactic that encourages customers to associate specific words or phrases with a company. A product’s design language solidifies its emotional connection with customers and also leads to increased brand awareness, higher customer retention as well as a longer product life.

To get your brand language on point may take some trial and error. Brand language is very often something which is developed over time. That being said, you should take the proper steps to make sure you’re prepared. Remember that your brand language is how you present your brand. This most often shows itself in the form of online content.

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there so it’s essential that you try your best to nail it. Again, this is something that will most likely develop over time. Some individuals have a knack for it however the good news is that practice definitely makes perfect.

Developing a brand language that fits your company down to a T is one of the essential aspects of brand management and should be worked on with your entire marketing team – especially your copywriter.

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