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Qualifying is the process which allows one to find out if a lead is actually a prospect. A prospect is someone who has the possibility of becoming a customer. Leads, on the other hand, are just potential prospects. If one doesn’t qualify a lead, you may be wasting your time with someone who literally can’t buy from you.

What Are Qualifying Questions?

Qualifying usually starts out with asking a few basic questions. These queries are designed to identify the necessary qualities that any prospect will have. Obviously, those desirable qualities will vary depending on what’s being sold.

Find The Decision Maker

Another detail to be established early on is if you are speaking with a decision-maker. Qualify on that detail early on so that if you are indeed not speaking with the person who makes the decisions, you can find out who the decision-maker is and get in touch with that person promptly.

Determine Interest

Establishing a lead’s ability to buy is the bare minimum for qualification. Many salespeople prefer to qualify more before they spend any more time with the prospect. A greater level of qualifying might verify:

  • How interested the prospect is,
  • How much money he may be able to spend on a purchase, as well as
  • If there are any other sort of impediments such as an existing agreement.

How deeply you choose to qualify prospects will vary depending on your preferences.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Prospect?

Trust in You And Your Organisation

A potential client must trust the salesperson and organisation to be fully qualified. Developing this trust from the very start of the relationship is key. In addition, using a consultative sales process is a great way to do that.

A Good Prospect Has A Goal The Product Can Help To Achieve

The main buying motivation for all products as well as services is an improvement. When a person has a desire to improve a specific aspect of life or work, and the product or service can assist, that someone can be a very good prospect.

Authority And Ability To Buy Or Commit

Determine if the sales prospect has the authority to purchase from you. In other words, is the prospect the ultimate decision maker and the one that will decide to move forward with the purchase?

You could have great discussions going with a prospect but if they aren’t the one who has the final say about the purchase then the deal is not qualified and should not be seen as being qualified until the decision maker is brought into the conversation.

Readiness To Listen

The last characteristic of a qualified prospect is typically the easiest to recognise. Is the buyer ready to listen to what your salesperson has to say?

Generating great, quality leads for the sales team to ultimately turn into sales is the job of the marketing department. As most marketing, these days, is conducted digitally it is essential for a business to know about digital marketing.

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