What Are The Top Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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Digital marketing is a broad category of strategies as well as tools which promote a business’s goods or services across a broad range of channels. These include, for example, numerous social networking sites, search engines, content-streaming platforms, email and affiliate marketing among others. A digital marketing strategy may include all of these platforms or it may be limited to one or two, depending on the relevance each platform has to the business’s goals.

Today, digital marketers today live and die by the tools and techniques of the trade. Modern marketers have to be a million places at once. Whether we’re ploughing through data or fine-tuning our social presence, relying on the correct digital marketing tools means saving precious time and maintaining our sanity.

The Internet Age has given way for digital marketing to rule the marketing world. In fact, digital marketing replaced traditional marketing as the dominant advertising medium. With this in mind, it’s important to know what digital marketing tools are available to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is entirely free software that provides valuable insights about who is visiting your website in addition to what they get up to once they arrive. This piece of software is best paired with Google Search Console, which is another free tool that assists you with identifying any problems on your website and to optimise it for traffic.

Some of the datapoints which Google Analytics makes available to you comprise:

  • The number of people who are landing on your website by day, week, month, or any time period you choose.
  • Where these visitors are coming from, for instance referrals from other website, organic search, ads, social, or direct.
  • The keywords that people are making use of in Google in order to find your site.
  • The demographics and interests of your users
  • How long is each user spending on your site and which pages they visit?

All this information is extremely interesting however it’s also vital knowledge which can assist you with optimising your website and marketing campaigns.

If you notice that you’re getting a lot of searches for a keyword which you don’t have a lot of information on at the moment, write a blog post that is optimised for that keyword and watch your traffic – in addition to engagement levels – skyrocket. If you are getting loads of visitors from Facebook, but none from Twitter, this is probably a sign that you should concentrate your marketing efforts on your main channel.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has developed into a fundamental part of human interaction, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, your social media presence (or lack thereof) has a significant impact on your bottom line. If the audience you would like to reach is one which uses social media regularly, you may be missing out on a superb opportunity to expand and deepen your customer base.

If you have no social media presence currently, consider starting small with one or two profiles through which you feel comfortable posting regularly and interacting with customers when appropriate.

Social media management tools will help you plan the content you want to publish and manage your engagement with your customers. They can schedule future posts for you so you can maintain a regular publishing schedule without disrupting your daily schedule, and they can automate many manual processes so you can rest assured that your accounts are optimised.

Social media tools will also monitor all of your accounts for new comments or direct messages and provide performance insight with detailed reports and analytics. Some platforms will also drill down on the demographic information about the users who interact with your social media content. Other tools will give you the option to manage your paid social media advertisements in addition to your organic (non-sponsored) content.

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