What Are The Signs That Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working?

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You need to tell a distinctive story in order to set your company apart from your competitors. Sharing the “why” of your organisation assists with bringing humanity to your brand. This is something that will resonate with your clients. This storytelling is critical, but sometimes your chosen narrative just isn’t working. Fortunately, you can always pivot your campaign and reconnect with your audience.

Apart from the obvious signs, such as loss of leads as well as sales decrease, there are a number of revealing signs that your marketing strategy is not working. It’s generally quite easy to know when your marketing strategies and tactics are functioning as they should, however it may not be so obvious when they aren’t. That’s when the old adage “you don’t know what you don’t know” often comes into play. Thankfully, these can all be resolved. The number one step is admitting that something is not working the way that it should.

Be Alert To The Signals

Not every marketing tactic that you use will work and we’ve found that to be helpful. It forces you to continually adapt your strategy to what your audience wants to see. The signs of a marketing campaign which isn’t working are constantly there.

You just need to be on the alert to them and notice them. Your email open and click rates will decline as well  your social media engagement. If that lasts longer than a month, it’s a clear sign that your boat is sinking. Abort and switch to something else.

We have a “how can we be of help to people” mindset. So when something we do is clearly not helping, we don’t allow ourselves to dwell on disappointment. We’ve failed countless times, but that has only brought us closer to our goals.

You’re Not Meeting Your Marketing Strategy Objectives

Data is our greatest ally to see whether a marketing strategy is working or not. If your objectives are not met, it’s a huge warning sign. If carrying out market research to identify the underlying root cause isn’t an option, a test-and-learn approach can help to uncover solutions. For instance, run a pilot in less expensive geography with similar features to your target market in order to gain insight into what works.

You Feel Like You’re Just “Throwing Darts”

Ever feel like you’re merely trying any old marketing strategy in order to try and get a sale? There is a difference between being open-minded to new strategies and then having a pointless strategy. If you’re simply trying anything, and in the hope it works, it might be time to spend a day, or a week, upgrading your strategy. Get deep in the weeds of data and crunch some numbers so that you come out with a marketing strategy that is likely to work.

“When your business isn’t achieving the targets you set for it, you need to quickly adjust your direction. More of the same thing is not an option. Doing what you did yesterday, only a little better, isn’t going to work either. And working hard, when your hard work isn’t getting the results you need, is a lousy strategy, too.

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