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Disruption is never comfortable whether it is positive or negative. Disruption can happen by chance, by choice, by crisis or calamity. It can be viewed either as a punishment or as a mechanism for change as well as a doorway to new amazing new possibilities.  Working with disruption – in order to learn and grow – is quite different to kicking against disruption and getting stuck in a deep, dark hole that is void of possibilities as well as opportunities.

If we are unable to keep perspective in disruptive times, we run the risk of getting stuck in the negative emotions and feeling completely overwhelmed or buried by them. Instead, if we can hold on to perspective then we empower ourselves and are able to keep our fears in proportion.

What Are Enabling Technologies?

Enabling technologies are what is expected to be the most important building blocks for future technological innovation and disruption across all industrial sectors. These kinds of technologies are expected to play vital roles in the evolution as well as sustainability of leading-edge economies.

An example would be the transition from analogue to digital music. This then led to online file sharing, streaming services, and digital music marketplaces.

What Influence Do Customer Mindsets Have On Disruption?

The mindset of the consumer consists of attributes such as values, preferences, and expectations. These three attributes change over time and can differ between individuals and communities, but there are certain noticeable trends.

For example, a subset of the market now buy more expensive free-range meat products than ever before. This is because of climate change and changing attitudes towards animal abuse.

Which Digital Platforms Play A Key Role In Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption and its shifted media consumption opened the sluice gates on advertising opportunities – effectively, it flooded the market with stock, and with supply in abundance, it is a buyers’ market.

Digital platforms completely disrupted the way traditional advertising was done for many years. And because of this disruption, the traditional media outlets saw a sharp dip of their advertising revenue.

The Economy And Digital Disruption

Macroeconomic changes – such as economic growth, recession, or exchange rate fluctuations – can affect how large organisations and individuals operate, make choices, and form their preferences. For example, the COVID-19 crisis had led many businesses to review priorities and amend processes and spend to save costs.

Government Policy’s Role In Disruption

Governments is able to decide to change the degree to which they intervene in a public or private sector, which can – in turn – either limit options or open opportunities for businesses and corporations.

For example, when a government decides to produce its own energy this can open an opportunity in order for the private sector to become more involved in energy production and potentially garner more work opportunities for individuals.

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