What Are The Best PPC tools To Use?

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So, you’ve stumbled into the world of pay-per-click advertising and you’re wondering how you got yourself into this situation. Don’t panic, PPC isn’t as scary as most marketers make it out to be. In fact, with some expert knowledge imparted via a digital marketing course, anyone can learn how to set up expert PPC campaigns on both social media and via search engines. This article is going to share the best PPC tools to use for agencies, SMEs doing it themselves, advertisers on a budget, and for research and analysis. Put your PPC pants on – we’re jumping in:

The Best For Research

Hands down the best pay-per-click tool to use for research is SEMrush. This intuitive, comprehensive platform has been purpose-built to facilitate in-depth PPC research to improve campaigns. SEMrush is also excellent if you’re hoping to keep an eye on your industry competitors, and is the best tool to find and research new PPC opportunities.

The Best For Price

If you’re hoping to run your PPC campaigns on a shoe-string budget, look no further than Google’s own PPC suite, Google Ads. Previously called Adwords, Google’s PPC solution is completely free to use – and you only have to pay something once your ads are live and are generating traffic to your website. If you’d prefer to pay for an all-in-one solution, check out Opteo or Adalysis.

The Best For SMEs

For small businesses wanting to run their PPC ads with little effort, you can get away with using Google Ads to a point – at which time it might be wise to opt for a paid SaaS PPC platform that is a bit easier to use. Tenscores is a low-cost PPC solution that really helps to improve your advert quality scores. This tool assists with reducing ad spend while improving ranking on the search results page.

The Best For Analysis

If you’re also really interested in analysing the performance of your PPC campaigns, where the collected data can help to improve your future PPC campaigns, have a look at Optmyzr. This deeply-analytical tool has some of the best analytics capabilities in the industry, which can help PPC managers weed out any issues, optimise for quality score, and easily analyse large data segments.

The Best For Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies often start with Google Ads, then progress to more potent PPC tools as their needs evolve. Agencies can future-proof their pay-per-click advertising, and get the best results for their clients, by using a combination of Optmyzr, SEMrush, and Tenscores to fully optimise campaigns for maximum impact.

It’s clear to see that online SaaS (software as a service) providers and other internet-based project management platforms are making it very easy for marketers and business owners alike to run successful PPC campaigns.

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