What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing Department?

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Did you know that a whopping 62% of companies now outsource their content marketing activities to third parties? From small start-up brands, through to large multi-national fortune 500 business empires, outsourcing a company’s marketing department is fast becoming the preferred method of delivering award-winning marketing content that converts viewers into customers. So, what are the benefits of letting an agency handle a company’s digital marketing? This article takes a look at five reasons why outsourcing the marketing department might just be the best brand decision companies make in 2020!

Experts will be handling the marketing

By outsourcing marketing activities to a freelance third-party a company gains access to a team of professional marketers, whose sole job is to successfully promote businesses. They will most likely have experience in marketing brands in the same industry, which means they have historical data to draw on regarding what works and what doesn’t.

Constant monitoring of marketing campaigns

Another benefit of outsourcing a marketing department is that the third-party marketers have an interest in the success of the marketing campaigns. This means that they’ll be monitoring promotions at all times and will, at the first sign of underperformance, step in and tweak things for maximum efficacy.

Much cheaper than in-house marketing

Hiring a team of permanent in-house digital marketers means a business will have to go through the entire process of employing new staff, including registering them as employees, adding them to the payroll system, and providing whatever benefits are applicable. When outsourcing the marketing, all a company has to do each month is pay one amount to an agency, which works out as saving the business ample resources in the long run.

Staff can focus on the things that they do best

Digital marketing is a complex combination of technical promotional techniques. As such it requires constant attention and time investment. When a brand outsources their marketing activities, it frees up staff, managers and owners to focus on what they do best, which ensures that all other business facets are looked after and given the attention they deserve.

Agencies fulfil more than one role

A final benefit of outsourcing a company’s marketing department, and arguably the most important benefit, is that a third-party agency will fulfil more roles than just marketing the business. Many marketing agencies will also perform various public relations and internal communication activities, such as drafting press releases, contacting media representatives, and compiling training materials.

Get qualified as a marketing manager in 2020

From having seasoned professionals working on a brand’s communication, to saving valuable resources, it seems that outsourcing is nothing short of a no-brainer. The time of the freelancer is now, and with so many brands looking to outsource their marketing, having the right credentials will set any marketer apart from the crowd.

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