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A digital marketing plan is often the difference between business success and business failure – especially in these increasingly digital times we live in. Socializing has become an online activity; so has shopping, ordering food, diagnosing health issues, and finding information. With so many of our life activities now performed online, it makes sense that internet marketing companies are jumping with joy because the more time people spend in digital spaces – the more digital advertising they are exposed to. Other than this, we’re taking a look at five real benefits a business can reap from initiating a digital marketing strategy:

Audience Targeting

You could shout at a group of people in the mall and you’d be lucky if three people actually take note of what you have to say. Or, send each of those people a value-driven email – directly to their mobile phones. That’s the digital marketing difference, where instead of throwing a wide advertising net by placing newspaper ads – you use data to focus in on those most likely to do business with you.



Traditional advertising is expensive. Promotional space on the pages of newspapers and magazines is expensive. Slots on radio or television shows are nothing short of daylight robbery. Digital marketing comes in as a much more cost-effective advertising medium that can give the brand access to an international audience – through social media and website marketing.


Measurable Results

Data-driven decisions are what modern marketers make, using results from marketing campaigns to help improve subsequent campaigns. With digital marketing, it is entirely possible for you to measure your ROI with ease and achieve more outcomes than with purely traditional marketing. You can’t count how many people see a lamp pole poster, but you can count how many people see your social media advert.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Legacy brands become legacy brands because people constantly see the brand, interact with the products, etc. The mere exposure effect comes into play, which postulates that the more someone sees your brand – the more likely they are to remember and use your business. Digital marketing allows you to reach your customers at any time of the day, as many times as you want.


More Promotion Channels

Due to the high costs associated with traditional marketing, most businesses are only ever able to market using one medium. Digital marketing offers many more channels of promotion than traditional marketing, including email marketing, social media marketing, website marketing, online forums, etc. With more avenues to promote a business, even the smallest of SMEs can compete with the large corporates for market share.

The benefits of digital marketing are still being uncovered, and we can accept the fact that digital marketing is going to be the primary method of business promotion in the next normal.

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