What Are Creative Ways To Leverage Video In A Marketing Strategy?

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Video is still the most popular kind of content on social media, which is one of the reasons why so many brands include it into their marketing strategies. While most marketers know that implementing a well-crafted video is an extremely effective way to gain exposure, drive traffic as well as increase conversions, not all of them understand how to execute this tactic successfully.

To create and distribute a video which provides a healthy return on investment, marketers need to develop content that not only meets consumers’ choices however also differentiates the brand and assists it rise above the competition.

Effective B2B video marketing content can assist firms tell powerful stories, showcase their expertise or company culture, and increase conversions. Video dominates social media already, and it’s becoming central to any marketing strategy. By 2022, videos online will make up more than 82% of the entire conglomerate of consumer internet traffic—which is 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Be Authentic And Say What You Believe

It is necessary for all video content to be authentic. Why? Because that’s how you genuinely connect with individuals. The one aspect about video is that most people are able to pick up on the smallest details, the micro-expressions which cue them into if you are being authentic or not. If you are not of the belief what you are saying, you aren’t able to fool people, so say what you believe.

Build Awareness With A Brand Video

As an important part of your marketing strategy brand videos are thoughtful narratives of your firm’s story, mission, capabilities as well as vision for the future. This format allows you to convey high-level vision in an engaging way and build brand awareness which hooks the audience and shows your firm’s ambition and capabilities.

Strive To Create An Interactive Experience

Every piece of content needs to generate a two-way conversation. Try to break through the very concept of “audience”—do away with its passive aspect and then find ways for the audience to actually shape your company’s culture, ethos as well as the service it offers. Leveraging your employees’ organically generated content is a great marketing strategy.

Shine A Spotlight A Client’s Story In A Testimonial Video

Your customers are your very best advocates. Video testimonials are a great sales tool as people influence other individuals, and your clients are able to endorse you during their networks as well as to your prospects. Asking a client to disseminate their experience working with your firm is a very powerful way in order to assure prospects of your capabilities and services and then move them down the sales funnel.

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