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In the competitive world of sales management, team engagement is massively important. An engaged as well as motivated team of sales reps is the key to superior productivity. Basically put, if you want your organisation to reach its sales goals, you need a team of highly productive and enthusiastic salespeople.

As a leader, it can be a quite a challenge to keep your team engaged while juggling a number of different tasks of your own. However, it’s extremely crucial that you develop a strong relationship with every single person in your team as well as ensure they feel valued in addition to their opinions are always welcome.

Research has demonstrated that organisations are 21% more profitable with high employee engagement. Employees who feel engaged at work will definitely work harder as well as more efficiently – however this engagement needs to be maintained by internal leadership.

Your management team must have clearly defined methods for keeping sales reps engaged. With most teams today now working remote, it’s all the more important you manage your staff effectively.

Concentrate On Key Sales Activities Instead Of Results

Concentrating on sales results alone can be stressful, particularly considering that sales reps can influence yet never monitor results. You are able to control the inputs which have the highest positive effects on attaining your goals — your activities.

For example, you are able to control whether or not you make a sales call. In addition, you can control what percentage you talk compared to listen on that call however the prospect’s decision to purchase or say goodbye is completely up to him or her.

Motivate your sales reps by encouraging them to build their schedule around key sales actions. Focus on the means as well as the ends will come.

Keep Your Sales Reps Motivated

Ensure their goals do align with your company’s. Inspire them to work in that direction continuously. Have a ‘Monday Motivation’ quote, or a monthly ‘most deals closed’ award or – alternatively – small confidence-boosting games which inspire them in order to work productively. You need to push them every time they slow down – directly or indirectly.

Introduce Adult Learning Principles Into Your Sales Training

Just as children have different types of learning styles. Adults do, too. In order to get adults engaged in your sales training, use the principles of adult learning. Your sales reps are required to be able to connect what they’re learning to their lives in order to truly engage. Make use of lots of real-world examples and have your sales reps participate in exercises rather than just listening to a presenter.

Adult learning is done best when it’s extremely interactive, as long-term memory is enhanced when subjects are shown in an immersive manner.

Motivate Confidence

One of the best ways, in order to keep your sales reps engaged, is to continuously inspire confidence. Make sure that are you are supportive. Having confidence is important to the success of any salesperson. It’s one of the largest indicators of strong morale as well as motivation, and individuals want to do business with confident as well as self-assured people. That’s why you need in order to create a plan for your sales reps. Always ensure they’re properly trained and are prepared before making a call and talking to prospects.

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