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A customer that is loyal is a customer for life. Think about it: legacy brands are only considered to be legacy because they have become “household names” and are instantly recognised by most people. This has happened because these brands have successfully differentiated themselves as the “best” in the eyes of the consumers. However, these brands are hardly ever actually the best products in their category. The difference is that people are so loyal to them that they don’t actually care that there is something better out there. Here’s how to garner serious customer loyalty for your brand and products:

Get to know them personally

Who are your customers? Digital marketers rarely get to know patrons more than a passing glance at a social media profile photo. Customers want to feel noticed and like they aren’t just a number. It’s impossible to get to know every single customer on an intimate level, so you need to know who your largest customer demographics are. Use Google Analytics and social media data to craft personas of your customers and let that inform how your marketing content is created.

 Strive for excellence everywhere

Deep down, people want to be good. They also want to see good in the world around them. In this eco-conscious age, brands are being compelled to pitch in and do their part for the environment and society at large. Any organisations that aren’t optimising their actions in the public eye face comparison to their competitors who are. Find out which causes your customers to align themselves with, and consider supporting these as a business. Loyalty is forged where people stand together for a common cause.

Offer value where you can

Many businesses see their products as holding all of the value necessary for the customer. Unfortunately, in the modern retail world, it needs to be a little bit more. Value-adds like discounts, coupons, trade-ins, and loyalty programmes are all value-adding offerings that bolster brand loyalty. A website could offer a free e-book download, or send branded extras (stickers, caps, shirts) with every online order. Other value-adding gestures include sending digital wishes (email, SMS) on a customer’s birthday, or emailing them when there are new, exciting products coming in.

Remain available at all times

Last, but certainly not least, always be accessible and available to your customers. Be sure to give them multiple avenues to connect, including telephone, email, social media, instant messaging, and even FAX if you think it’ll help. Consumers enquire, complain, follow up and seek information at all hours of the day and night. Are there ways you have set up to deal with enquiries when nobody’s behind the screen to field them? Does someone answer the phone by the fifth ring during office hours? Are emails answered within 24 hours? All of these ensure that customers have someone they can call on 24/7, garnering peace of mind.

Getting digital marketing going for a brand is a great idea, as it is becoming a critical component of any business’s promotional mix.

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