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Digital marketing is a key part of a total marketing strategy however its importance has grown during the latest world crisis. Specifically, due to the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns as well as social distancing, a great portion of our everyday lives now takes place almost entirely online.

Online learning, working remotely in addition to online shopping are a couple of examples of this new normal. It’s very clear that these new circumstances call for improving your digital marketing strategy so that you can strengthen your online presence.

Now you have improved chances of reaching your target audience and providing them your products or services.

Setting Digital Marketing Goals And Measuring KPIs

A strong digital marketing strategy necessitates setting online goals which will support overarching business objectives in addition to tracking the headway towards attaining these goals.

Your goals can be tracked by benchmarking current KPI values and also keeping an eye on them while you track in the direction of your goals. Whether industry-standard or business-specific, key performance indicators (KPIs) will not only assist you to track progress, but also help you to define your place in the market in relation to your competitors.

A digital marketing strategy aims to achieve online, what your sales and marketing efforts have attained in the real world. That is, a digital marketing strategy seeks to:

  • Help you to define your online value proposition so that you are able to differentiate yourself in the online space as well as encourage existing customers – as well as new ones – to remain loyal.
  • Help you achieve insights into your audience and also compel you to integrate your digital channels.
  • Help you to define the budget you want to allocate to your digital marketing efforts and stop you from wasting money on digital channels which do not reap a positive ROI.
  • Give you the agility in order to adapt to new trends and to make use of updates to your advantage in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Invest In Website Design

Web design is a very important marketing tactic which influences users to access your page. A website is a centre of your digital marketing efforts, and if the images are not clean, challenging to navigate, slow to load as well as less attractive, it will not be able to attract the users. This means that if you design or redesign your website, it should look visually appealing, and the content should be simple to find and accessible on a number of different interfaces.

Optimise Your SEO

While SEO optimisation might be commonly mentioned more within B2C circles, it’s just as vital to audit your SEO score inside the B2B environment. To put it quite simply, if it’s not something which people can find on the web, B2B enterprises run the very real risk of falling between the cracks.

The SEO specialist on your team need to ensure your content is optimised with focus keywords, Google-friendly HTML formatting as well as a URL structure which correlates with your product keywords.

By using tools that are provided by SEO gurus you are able to assess the overall score of your product page as well as decide where improvements are required. Make sure that you use the same SEO auditing process for all digital assets that are involved in your campaign, including case studies and blog posts.

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