Three ways digital marketing is worth its salt for B2B businesses

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We get it. B2B marketing is tough. Some might even say it’s ten times harder than B2C marketing. While we aren’t certain of those figures, we do know that B2B marketing requires a slightly different approach. Whether it is worth it or not is dependent on a few things (one of which is affordability). Since people are using their devices more and more (especially during lockdowns), digital marketing for B2B companies has transitioned from a nice-to-have to a must-have overnight. Here are three reasons why digital marketing is a smart move for businesses of any shape or size:

1. The  customer journey is online

New concepts like social distancing and government-ordered self-isolation are rapidly changing the way people live their lives. We were moving fully into the digital era at a rate of knots before 2020, however, the year that ought to have never been has just accelerated our need for digitisation.

With digital marketing in place, B2B companies can publish quality content for every step of the customer journey (which is now online for the most part) like blog articles, social media, and emailers, and take their customers along the buying journey without them having to leave the comfort of their office chairs.

2. Buyers are using the Internet

If you think Karen does a lot of research before buying her son’s new classical guitar, you’ve obviously never seen a B2B buyer in action. On average, buyers for B2B brands consult at least six sources of information before making a purchase enquiry. Buyers are using the Internet to research everything, and brands whose websites appear high-up on platforms like Google will probably get the lion’s share of enquiries. This is where the website and SEO side of digital marketing becomes so important.

3. Automation is really saving time

Another huge benefit to B2B digital marketing is the sheer convenience of it all. Today, automation has proliferated to the point where brands can access free automated mailing systems (like MailChimp) that can be used to craft stunning monthly mailers – and automatically send them out to a database on a predetermined occasion. Posting digital marketing content is also an automatic task when using platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer, where brands can schedule content to be posted months in advance.

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