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A brand manager is responsible for adjusting a particular brand strategy so that it responds to a company’s target market. As the guardian of a particular brand, brand managers maintain a brand’s integrity across all company digital marketing initiatives and communications. They may manage a portfolio of products.

What is brand integrity?

‘Brand integrity’ deals with how consumers see your company or brand through the products, image, and reputation that you have. While every customer’s experience may not live up to or exceed the brand promise, when a brand loses integrity the meaning and value to consumers is reduced.

Here are some ideas for maintaining brand integrity

  • Always select the correct products

Choose the correct products which maintain consistency in your brand messaging. Attempting to go “off the menu” to deliver what you feel is a better product could create confusion in the minds of customers, employees, vendors as well as other parties. Your products should always feel cohesive and consistent with your overall brand identity which lays the foundation for brand trust.

  • Make customers your top priority

Customer engagement is the foundation of any business which is successful. Clients will notice when your company slips up, such as producing poor-quality products or offering inferior customer service. Such mistakes could convince them to leave and  this ultimately hurts your brand reputation. In addition, it negatively impacts your bottom line.


  • Honesty is key

No one enjoys being manipulated. Infomercials have a gained a bad reputation as the products which are featured often promise the earth but don’t deliver. Be cautious of making the same mistake. Always be truthful in your advertising as well as other forms of customer communication. Appreciate their intelligence and be honest regarding what your products and services can do.

  • Employ realistic digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing campaigns which are reckless will give the incorrect impression about your brand to customers and employees. If your digital marketing swerves into uncharted territory through making promises that your business can’t keep, the road to restoring brand integrity can be long.

  • Maintain a consistent moral code

Performing the correct action, for the correct reasons is not an old-fashioned virtue. Businesses who don’t play cleanly frequently end up looking shady in the eyes of the customers that they want to attract.

Being able to understand which values your customers hold dear is important. Take a sufficient amount of time to learn what those values really mean while you’re doing your market research. Then, take an additional and interlace those values into the fabric of your brand.

If your brand has fundamental values which define your company’s culture, make a firm decision to stick to those values. This will make your brand image authentic and favourable. If you betray those values this can do more to weaken the integrity of your brand as opposed to just about anything else.

Brand managers are responsible for developing strategies that involve products. Most of these marketing professional have an official certificate from an accredited college. The advantages of being a brand manager are often intrinsic to the individual. Those brand managers who like being involved with numerous projects may find enjoyment in making use of their writing talent or – alternatively – their analytical, organisational and creative skills. Others may enjoy the fact that, as a brand manager, they are in middle management. Brand managers also valuable job skills which are transferable. They can use these in future positions.

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