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There’s no devaluing the importance of building a very powerful brand. If you’re going to introduce any kind of product or service, your brand is what communicates the loudest about you. It’s what determines if customers buy – and, how much they buy from you. As Jeff Bezos from Amazon says, “A brand for a business is like a reputation for an individual.”

We all know – from building our own reputations – that the process takes time, consistency as well as a commitment to the things which really mean a lot to us. However, over time, brand reputation can become something powerful. Brand reputation is why friends recommend us to their clients or introduce us to significant others. Reputation can make or break a relationship.

A company’s brand creates a glue or can break a company. Both a brand and reputation are built over the long term as an assimilation of all one’s memories or experiences with it. However, to make a brand that is truly irresistible, it goes beyond just being consistent in providing good experiences (although that is a fundamental characteristic).

Get Really Crystal Clear On The Problems You Solve

Also, you need to be clear on what outcome your customers can expect from purchasing your solution. People care about the before and after, speaking their language, and connecting emotionally. Describe the problems in THEIR words, not yours and talk more about those feelings of frustration and less about your solution. Think about which problems you are really solving for the customer, beyond the product itself. Get personal. If you suffered from the problem as well, tell your customer! Storytelling builds trust.

How Should Your Brand Should Look, Feel, Smell And Taste?

If your brand were a beverage, which one would it be? If your brand were a season of the year, which one would it be and why? Brainstorm all the feelings and emotions you want people to associate with your brand. Use descriptive words. Tell me about your style! This exercise will help you define your brand like you’ve never even thought of, and this will make it stand apart from the millions of others and attract people.

Ask Your Trusted Customers Or Beta Study Group To Describe Your Brand

See if what they say matches your vision for your brand. When your customer thinks of you, what do they think of? Are you surprised? Does it match what you want to communicate with your brand? It is also a good branding exercise to ask complete strangers to tell you their first impression, without reading about what you do previously.

Whatever you do, make sure you give your brand some life – make it relevant, stand out from the crowd, give a clear message, be consistent and drive engagement.

When your brand echoes with your intended audience, the struggle to establish awareness and trust around your name decreases as your brand becomes far more relatable. This feeling of trust as well as connection is key for brands looking for success in the crowded digital market.

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