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Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers

Seth Godin

Everyone decides to make buying decisions after having done extensive research into what they want to purchase before they put any money down. Often, should the customer decide to buy something in a bricks-and-mortar store, they are more knowledgeable than the shop assistants.

The motive behind this is the Internet in addition to the vast amounts of information that people are able to find, about the product and/or service that they want to buy, on this channel. And the reason behind why they are able to discover this data is thanks to digital marketing as well as the methods that they employ to distribute this info to their target audience. Here are some of them.

Content marketing

The statement that ‘content is king’ has been in use for as long as anybody can remember. Although some may discredit this notion, it is still valid. We’re not saying that content is superior to all other parts of the Internet however – without content – the Internet couldn’t function.

The way in which Google – as well as all other search engines – understand how to produce the appropriate content to users who search for particular things is through popularity. Firstly, the search engine bots crawl sites. While they do this they pick up certain key phrases as well as words. The more times that the bots see certain keywords and phrases being utilised, the more it will register that the specific site knows a lot about a particular topic.

This means that when a searcher enters a particular search query, which corresponds with the keywords and phrases that are on a certain website, Google will deliver this exact website to the searcher. This is because it realises that this site will most probably deliver the responses that the individual is looking for.

Thus in order for the site to have the keywords and phrases that it is required to rank for, it must house great content. The more content that the website has on it the better it is for visibility purposes as this affords the digital marketer the chance to include the keywords and phrases that they wish the website to rank for. The keywords have to be included as naturally as possible because this makes it simpler for the Internet user to digest. Content marketing is a section of digital marketing that uses pieces of strategically designed content in order to help websites rank for the search terms that are applicable to the company.

Social Media Marketing

When you have the content on your site, you will have to market this and make the people – who you feel will benefit from this – aware of it. One of the best (and most profitable) ways to achieve this is through social media.

The widespread misconception is that social media is 100% free. Yes, it doesn’t cost anything for you to establish accounts on social media networks. However, what you will need to spend time on is creating the content that will lead people from these platforms and onto your site.

A note of caution. Don’t be on too many social media platforms at once. There are countless social media platforms out there. There are more and more establishing themselves each and every single day. If you do decide to have a presence on a social media platform, ensure that you can realistically sustain your presence on these. A social media account which is not active will show people that your business has shut down. As a result, your customers will go to your competitors. This will make it very challenging to get them back when they’ve made the switch.

When you choose what social media platforms that you want to have a presence on, ensure that you have the ability to keep your chosen posting schedule up to date. If you run a business, you need a digital marketing presence. There’s no two ways about it. However, you need to make sure that you do it properly so that the time and effort you put in will bring the rewards that you require.

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