The Digital Advertising Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

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Over the past number of years, the world has progressively been moving towards digital. 2020 became the year when the digital ecosystem attained many new users, thus making digital advertising perhaps one of the most effective mediums to reach out to people who were locked inside their houses and stuck to their phone, laptop and tablet screens.

2020 was an interesting year for digital marketers as the nation-wide lockdown gave a push to augmented reality, mobile marketing, digital animation, video content, voice search in addition to influencer marketing.

Despite the initial setbacks that occurred during the lockdown, consumers opened up to experimenting with digital formats, trading brand loyalties for availability of stock and performance marketing came into the picture. Digital advertising eventually became a dominant medium as marketers pivoted their monies from out-of-home advertising (OOH), print and event marketing to virtual platforms.

While was seen is digital marketing taking the centre stage, the economic slowdown and uncertainty affecting market sentiment, and naturally, the industry. However, during this volatile period, the industry tried to throw out the inefficiencies to make themselves more productive.

The Meteoric Rise Of Google Ads

PPC digital advertising has always been a powerful tool however but it will be even more significant in 2021. With more people being at home, digital advertising trends regarding PPC will continue their meteoric rise.

As consumers are searching for news, products, and services, brands will want to be seen at the top of results. As opposed to just waiting to organically gain a ranking on the first page, brands will pay to play so that they can reach the top.

More Voice Search On The Cards

Since more individuals are working from home, they are making use of their voice assistants more often. From Bixby and Siri to Alexa as well as Google, people are searching more by voice. This trend has always been growing however, it will be increasingly important for a digital advertising agency to understand in 2021.

Voice searches necessitate a different SEO strategy versus local SEO and mobile-friendly blogs but the results will speak for themselves when a proper voice search strategy is employed.

Richer Customer Segmentation

A deeper and richer understanding of the customer will be needed in order to fully market to them in 2021. The more time that a person spends online, the more information about them can be learned and logged into a customer relationship management (CRM) system. From the pages they visit on your site to which emails they opened and clicked on; a complete understanding of your customer may be achieved. This information can be utilised in order to segment them into proper marketing campaigns, which will garner the highest return on investment (ROI).

Data Centralisation

A massive trend which will take shape in 2021 is the process of centralising data and the creation of databases. The digital departments will move beyond marketing in order to create centralised business data with the know-how, skills, and associations that they possess. With good-quality creative execution, the smart digital business professionals will pave the way to move the business table as well as deliver further with greater efficiency.

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