The Best Way To Leverage the Art and Science of Digital Marketing

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The world has dramatically changed over the past couple of years as a result of the explosion of digital and big data. In this brave new world, digital marketers are ideally placed to assist our businesses adapt to the new digital consumer.

To do this, though, it is necessary to broaden away from the traditional conceptual marketing set of skills. We need to be immersed deeply in all things digital, have a strong grasp of data and not be scared to get our hands dirty with the technical details.

Marketers who are able to leverage both art and science will lead our industry in the future.

The Evolution Of Marketing

Marketing has been evolving over the ages according to people’s requirements and trends. This evolution has brought about the latest trend and is gaining lots of popularity among businesses and marketers. This trend is called digital marketing.

It is the type of technology-based marketing which assists business to promote as well as advertise the products and services to target masses using the digital mediums and gadgets. The Internet is the major source for this evolution as individuals are reluctantly depending on it for their fundamental needs and livelihood. Searching for anything or everything on Google has become a commonplace practice among all.

The Art Of Digital Marketing

One of the fundamental functions of digital marketing is to recognise the human behaviour and target the same interested audience for marketing purposes. When marketers create buyer personas, they consider all the likes and dislikes or factors which make people so amazing.

During this process, marketers don’t produce a picture, but they imagine an actual person or masses. This type of ideology as well as creativity can’t be a science. It’s necessitated virtual thinking capability and imagination which can only a great artist can have as it is all founded on assumptions on research and analysis.

Once the target audience is decided upon, marketers work hard in order to create campaigns and try best to connect with the same target audience. These campaigns encompass content writing and design, which are the general prerequisite of an art. When the campaign runs, even variations are made as per the result when something does not attribute to science as changeability isn’t something ascribed to science.

The Science Of Digital Marketing

Although creativity plays a chief role in marketing campaigns, however, it is not possible to deny the fact the end result is only driven by data. A study of the audience which is most likely to use products and services is the only way for you to develop an accurate buyer persona. After some sort of testing, the buyer personas are twisted as well as polished. Minus the data from that testing, fluidity is impossible.

Digital marketers know about the importance of analytics because it plays a major role in establishing market campaigns. As a digital marketer, you should use A/B testing to determine what changes need to be made to achieve better results.

Those changes are recommended to the content writer or copywriter, our designers, who then use the art capability in order to create brand new versions of the same campaign. Devoid of this scientific approach, no one would have any way to improve upon the already done marketing campaigns.

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