The basics of managing a corporate brand

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A corporate brand is as important as the product or service itself. It is what sets your company apart in the vast ocean of competitors. Your brand is both a weapon and a shield. Keeping that brand strong requires love and care but, above all else, relentless management.

A well-managed corporate brand assures clients, suppliers and other stakeholders that your company is one they can trust. It is responsible for leaving a long-lasting impression on clients and influences their decision-making when they need what you, and your competitors, offer. It can drive new clients to your business and build brand awareness. Keeping your brand professional and strong requires implementing basic management principles.

Basic Brand Management Principles

Establish your target audience

The demographics of your customer base must be crystal clear before any banding can be done. This way, the brand can be aligned with what appeals to the dominant target audience. A campaign aimed at businesswomen, for example, will differ vastly from a campaign targeting female homemakers even if the product is exactly the same.

Be true to the brand

Consumers can spot an insincere brand from a mile away. Aim to connect with your target customer rather than trying to simply persuade them to buy your product or service. Remember that the objective of brand building is to create awareness and trust. The market is flooded with small and medium enterprises, your job is to ensure that the brand grows larger but does not lose its human touch, sincerity and passion.

Establish your brand’s unique selling propositions

Many companies slip up in trying to master everything when they get started. It is impossible for one brand to be recognised for everything. Besides, customers rarely need everything. They’ll rather turn to the brand that is famous for what they need specifically. Therefore, establishing unique selling points is important to cement your brand in the minds of customers

Get top-management to buy in completely

Your brand management strategy must be supported from the boardroom to the ground floor. It is especially true that every single person in top-management must personally be involved and passionate about the idea of strengthening the company’s brand. Who better to whip a company’s business strategy and corporate branding goals back in alignment when things get a bit shaky?

Customise your branding strategy

Every business is unique and should be matched with a custom brand management strategy. Even the most sophisticated and tried-and-tested branding strategies must be customised to suit your business objectives. Every business, small or large, has its own look, feel and tone which must be portrayed consistently and with confidence.

Use an array of media in the brand marketing strategy

Keeping a high profile must be top priority in the ongoing process of corporate branding. Establish an extensive digital marketing strategy where an array of new and traditional media are used. Work the budget to incorporate every media possible. You want to expose your brand via SEO, email marketing, social media, radio, print, etc. Remember that the more your brand is seen, the more it is trusted.

Audit your band at least twice annually

It is an excellent idea to revise the entire brand and strategies often. This includes evaluating your company’s look and feel, the website’s user experience, visual identity and so forth. Times are changing and your audience might shift without any warning. This might not happen every year but staying up to date and being dynamic ensures you spot a changing environment sooner rather than later. Auditing your brand isn’t necessarily done to ‘fix’ your brand but also to spot unique branding opportunities as it arises. Raise the bar as often as needed and greatness will follow.

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