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Ask digital marketing professionals what the best strategy is for online success, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. The truth is that nobody knows the best way to market online, but most know of strategies they’ve used to gain some form of traction. There might not be a formula, but there are specific internet marketing strategies many of the most successful companies deploy in conjunction with their broader marketing and PR activities. We’re looking at seven of these basic strategies below:

7 Digital Marketing Strategies

1 . Be your brand

Personal branding is a big thing at the moment, as Generation Z and Millennials search for human connections instead of sales pitches. This strategy involves a business owner first branding themselves, then leveraging a more trustworthy and personal image to promote the business.

2. Establish a blog

Content is king, and a business that isn’t generating and promoting internet marketing content in 2020 is sure to be left behind. Add a blog page to your business website, and start writing articles about your industry and services. This shows readers that you know your stuff, and you’re willing to share your knowledge with them.

3. Leverage social media

Social media is a great way to start two-way conversations with existing and potential customers. IT is a platform to promote thing like blog articles, videos, company information, etc. Choose your social media channels carefully, as not every social channel will be suited to your industry or business.

4. Run competitions

Everyone enjoys the thrill of competing against others to win a prize of some sort. Competitions can be promoted on social media, which will increase brand exposure once your followers start sharing the competition with their network, but you can also drive website traffic by putting the competition guidelines or entry forms on your site.

5. Invest in SEO

Where is the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of Google. People turn to search engines for answers to their questions, as well as when they’re researching products and services like yours. A reliable digital marketing strategy should include search engine optimisation to ensure that, when your potential customers are browsing for the products or services you offer – they’re finding your website and not your competitors’.

6. Free resources

Just like our love for competitions, everyone likes getting something for nothing. Giving away free resources has long been an excellent way to garner customer loyalty. You’ve probably seen the pop-ups: click here to download your FREE e-book. By giving something away entirely for free, you show your customers that you’re interested in their success – and not just their money.

7. User-generated content

A final internet marketing strategy that has become more relevant in recent years is user-generated content. This includes things like product reviews, as well as sharing and commenting on social media posts. Customers trust other customers’ opinions of a brand, and the holy grail of internet marketing is when your clients are sharing with their networks the good experiences they’ve had with your brand.

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