Why Studying Digital Marketing Outweighs Traditional Marketing Courses

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Traditional marketing is in a decline while digital marketing is on the rise. It doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down any time soon.

Ever wondered why digital marketing is such a hot topic right now? Well, the truth is that it’s because this type of marketing is disrupting the way brands advertise and market their products and service.

Brands are still adapting to when it comes to promoting themselves on social media and other digital platforms. However, they do understand that digital marketing is here to stay.

In fact, in 2018 – for the first time – digital marketing ad spend surpassed traditional TV ad spend. This indicates that brands are starting to take the disruption seriously.

This all sounds exciting but you may still unsure whether digital marketing is something worth pursuing as a career.  Here are a couple more reasons why you should be considering studying a digital marketing course as opposed to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing courses vs traditional marketing courses

Become an In-Demand Professional

Ask yourself this. Why study anything at all?

The main reason you want to study something is to build a career, right? Well, knowing this, by 2020, experts believe there will be more than a 150 000 digital marketing jobs available and not enough talent to fill all the seats.

Crazy, right?

Experts also predict that the demand for digital marketing professionals will rise by 38% by the end of 2019.

With this said, by considering a digital marketing course you are making yourself a high in-demand employee.

Better Pay Cheques

Life is not always about working for a pay cheque. It’s also about doing what you love and living life to the fullest while – at the same time – putting food on the table.

Because digital marketers are in demand, they have become more valuable to companies. Businesses reward high-value employees by paying them more than the ones who are average and easily replaceable.

By embarking on a digital marketing journey, you increase your chances of a bigger pay cheque.

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More Career Choices

The problem most employees face today is that they only have a limited amount of career choices available. Think about a hairdresser. If you studied to become a hairdressing professional, the number of career choices available, after realising it’s not something you really enjoy any more, are limited.

This is what makes digital marketing different. This career is so broad that you can choose to become an expert in many different areas once you have a sound understanding of the digital marketing space. Ensure that you keep your options open when it comes to your job title.

Build Your Own Business

As mentioned above, digital marketing ensures that you can keep your career choices open. On top of that, a lot of digital marketers – after working in a business – have gone on to open their own digital marketing agencies.

This means that if you ever had enough of your boss, you have an additional opportunity to pursue your own destiny.

Don’t feel like starting an agency? Well, the good news is that because you have a sound knowledge of what it takes to market and advertise a brand successfully you have the opportunity to turn any passions you have into a business because you know how to market and sell what you have to offer.

Want to learn more about the power of digital marketing and how it can help you improve your overall marketing efforts?

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