Top 5 Reasons To Make Digital Marketing Your Top Priority In 2019

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Digital marketing is something that companies cannot afford to ignore any longer.

In fact, 97% of adults under the age of 65 are active on social media at least once a month. Knowing this, if you are planning on selling a product or service to customer under 65, and do not have a social media strategy, then you are missing out on a massive opportunity.

Below are the top five reasons why we feel that digital marketing should be your main priority in 2019.

Importance of Digital Marketing for your Business

Reach Customers Directly

Back in the days of traditional advertising a brand had to go through an agency to put a specific promotion in front of a target audience. Today, anyone can jump on a social media platform and start engaging with potential customers.

It’s exciting to know that the average South African spends between two and three hours a day on social media channels. Not only that, in the US 48% of people say that they have made an online purchase as a direct result of a Facebook ad. This trend is slowly gravitating towards South Africa.

Digital Marketing Can Help Level The Playing Field

A number of years ago, a brand had to fork out thousands to run a radio, TV, magazine or newspaper ad. Today, thanks to platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram brands can run messages aimed at their target market for a much lower cost.

This gives everyone the chance to grow their business as opposed to only brands with deep pockets.

More Targeted Marketing

When you experiment with a traditional advertising strategy like flyer drops, how sure are you that you are actually reaching the right people in a radius close to your business?

For example, if you are an eyecare company selling a service in the form of eye tests and spectacles, doing a flyer drop in a radius of five to 10km while promoting an offer like free eye tests might not be a bad idea to get people through the door.

However, how sure are you that you are reaching people that might want eye tests? The thing is you are not. You would then just have to be happy knowing that there will be a large amount of ad residue.

Today, thanks to advancements in technology, we can ensure that we target the right people with a digital marketing ad around our company’s location. For example, we can tell a platform like Facebook that we want to only target people over the age of 35 as we know that one’s eyes start to weaken after 30.

This ensures all our marketing budget are spent on an audience that are more targeted than compared to a flyer drop.

More Personalised Ads

Imagine if you owned a company that organised children’s birthday parties. Thanks to Facebook, and all the data it has on its users, you would be able to target moms with kids whose birthdays might be coming up in the next 30 days.

This will allow you to run an ad saying: “Mom, look no further, we have the perfect all-in-one venue solution for kids parties!” See how personalised that was? This ad has a much bigger chance at success than a traditional flyer drops or street pole ad.

ROI Measurement

The last and most important reason to consider developing a digital marketing strategy in 2019 is that you can actually measure the results of your marketing.

Instead of a spray-and-pray approach, platforms like Google and Facebook will allow you to determine the number of responses, conversions, purchases or even leads you managed to generate for your business. This can help determine whether you are heading in the right direction when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

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