How Will AI Revolutionise The Face Of Digital Marketing?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the absolute newest marketing trend which is taking the industry by storm. AI, or machine learning, is technology which enables machines and programmes in order to learn and operate as human intelligence.

More than only data analytics, AI is a complex set of technology which doesn’t just compute information – it actually responds to it. The development of AI technology is revolutionising entire industries, like medicine, banking, and digital marketing, with its ability to analyse information, learn from it, and provide industry-wide solutions.

AI is revolutionising digital strategies with its operative learning system. It has the capacity to store data, analyse it as well as learn from the analysis in order to improve. There isn’t any limit to this and – owing to the speed and accuracy – it is very competitive technology.

AI is still in the cocoon phase and is advancing every single day. It is certainly a priority for many companies who concentrate on the market and would like to enhance the digital marketing strategy. This technology provides enough customer insights which assist in deeper penetration within the industry.


Designed in order to mimic human conversation, chatbots are without a doubt one of the hottest trends in AI. In fact, over 100 000 chatbots have been designed on the Facebook Messenger app.

You may by now be familiar with how chatbots can help us with our day-to-day activities. From asking Siri to set an alarm for you – or Alexa to play your favourite song – chatbots are one of the latest technology advancements which act as a virtual assistant for the consumer.

Making use of voice recognition technology, programs such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri respond to a set list of demands. In addition, these programs can even learn how to automate repetitive tasks through the usage of third-party programming, such as If This Then That (IFTTT). Once they get  a request, they respond quickly by using an Application Programming Interface (API) in order to carry out the command made by the user.

Chatbot programs also have the capacity to function in apps, websites, SMS text messages in addition to email. Essentially, the chatbot can reach out or respond to a message from a customer and hold a conversation like a human. They are able to respond to questions and even perform a number of tasks.

Chatbot Hologram

Voice Search

A spin-off effect of the increase in the usage of AI-powered virtual assistants is the increasing proportion of searches which are spoken as opposed to typed. As the world is increasingly going towards mobile, it makes complete sense that they’re also shifting to a hands-free method of data input while on they’re on the move.

Technology has now advanced to the juncture where Google’s algorithms are able to understand human speech with 95% accuracy. That’s the same level as a real human.

As technology is developing, humans are also getting increasingly comfortable about making use of voice commands. In today and tomorrow’s world – where everyone is a vlogger, and the selfie is king – seeing individuals talking to themselves is no longer a strange occurrence.

This trend will compel businesses to adjust their SEO and content marketing strategies so that these align better with voice search. If you’ve not begun thinking about this yet, now is the time.

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