How to Build a Brand Through People

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Building a brand from the ground up – which stands out – is no easy task. What should it look like? How should it make individuals feel? Will it resound with my target audience? These are questions which inevitably come up when you begin thinking about how to connect the dots between what you’re selling as well as who you’re trying to reach. Whether you’ve got nothing but just a business idea or want to turnaround your existing brand, here’s what you need to know regarding establishing a strong brand – through your people – for your business.

What is Employee Branding?

Employee branding involves showing the company in the best possible light in the presence of employees, job candidates, internal as well as external stakeholders, in addition to customers. A great starting point for identifying this term is thinking of it as how your company is recognised by current as well as potential employees. Organisations with a positive employee brand frequently have an engaged, motivated workforce which is willing to advocate for the company’s brand, products as well as services.

One practical definition of employee branding is:

Employee branding is the method by which employees assume the desired brand image and are motivated in order to project the image to customers as well as other organisational constituents. In other words, employee branding is about getting employees on board with the values which your brand stands for in addition to the type of business your company engages in. Employees convey these externally through word of mouth in addition to social advocacy.

How does Employee Branding Help Your Business?

An organisation with excellent employee branding not only turns your employees into brand ambassadors but also boosts productivity. On top of that, brand loyalty, motivation as well as reputation also are on the rise. This comes down to the attraction of the correct talent for your organisation.

A total of 41% of individuals rank employees higher as their favourite source of reviews for the company, more than the PR department, CXOs or founders. Regardless of how advanced your company is, the backbone of your organisation is your employees.

Great brands tell phenomenal stories to their prospect talents. HR and PR departments have been leading this space. Still, in today’s competitive markets, the essence of the story is valid only when it comes from the employees.

You’ll Stand Out From Competitors.

Chances are that there’s a company out there which is bigger than yours and does something similar. Owing to their size and reach, they’re perhaps not focused on employee branding, as they’re already well-known and will get applicants irrespective.

Don’t let this get you down, though. This is an absolutely terrific opportunity for you to assist your company stand out. Where you may not have years and years of industry experience to show, you are able to create an incredible work environment for the people who work for you—ultimately helping to build trust with the next round of applicants.

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