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If you’ve already started on the road to digital transformation, congrats! You’re giving your business a better opportunity to thrive in the post-COVID global marketplace. One overwhelming lesson the pandemic has taught us is this: daylight waits for nobody, and the longer we consider investing in digital transformation – the further behind we’re falling.

The digitalisation of any organisation will be a distinguishing survival trait when half of the world’s workforce prefers to remote-in to the office, and consumers prefer to set up appointments and spend their money online. Here’s how to get with the digital programme pronto:

– From The Top Down

Organisational leaders are the only people who, realistically, can drive the fastest digital transformation. Decision-makers have access to the necessary strings that need to be pulled when something as big as digital transformation takes place within a business. They can wrestle for sufficient budgets, and are role-models for the rest of the staff. If the higher-ups don’t embrace digitalisation, nobody else will.

– Prepare Your People

The decision-makers might enable digital transformation on the top, but the real transformation will take place among the ranks of employees. They are the individuals who will likely be required to adopt and embrace the new digital solutions within the organisation. If you don’t have their buy-in, further digitalisation efforts might encounter some stiff internal opposition.

– Data-Driven Strategies

Don’t be afraid to leverage data in your digital transformation decision-making. Investing in new technologies is an expensive undertaking. The last thing you want to do is waste resources on digital solutions that aren’t going to work effectively for your business. Look carefully at existing data from similar organisations undertaking transformative digital adoption before putting your pen to paper.

– The Right Technology

Industry experts predict that digital transformation will have businesses spending in excess of $2.3 trillion a year. This is a lot of money and means that digitalising the workplace is becoming a very lucrative investment sector. However, this figure should only serve to impress on you the importance of spending money on the RIGHT technology. Not what everyone is using, but the specific tools that will help YOUR business specifically – not just a one-size-fits-all solution.

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