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The average person is exposed to an estimated 6 000 to 10 000 advertisements per day. So it’s not surprising that we are almost ‘immune’ to the charm of marketing. Don’t get us wrong — this doesn’t mean that advertisements are not effective or they don’t have their place in marketing.

In fact, marketers have been able to experience a 96% increase in clicks with an active Facebook ad campaign. However, there is another mode of marketing which might be even more effective. Direct mail marketing has been used for years, long before advertising online was a thing.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

The traditional method of direct mail marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing materials, including:

  • Brochures,
  • Catalogues,
  • Postcards,
  • Newsletters, as well as
  • Sales letters.

Major organisations know that direct mail marketing is one of the most effective as well as profitable ways to reach out to your new and existing clients.

What’s The Advantage Of Direct Mail Marketing?

Unlike other forms of marketing, in which you’re never certain just who is seeing your message, direct mail allows you to connect, one-on-one, with your target audience. That allows you to control:

  • Who receives your message,
  • when it’s delivered,
  • What’s in the envelope, as well as
  • How many individuals you reach.

To create a successful direct-mail marketing campaign, start by getting your name on as many mailing lists as you possibly can. Junk mail isn’t junk when you’re attempting to learn about direct mail. Get free information at every chance you can get, especially from organisations who offer products or services which are similar to yours. Make a note of your reaction to each piece of mail, and then save the ones that communicate most effectively, if they come from large or small companies.

How To Grow A Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Successful direct mail marketing starts with data. Digital marketers examine categories of customers or prospects who they think will be interested in their product or service. They develop or procure lists to help them to make contacts.

Lists can be acquired through public or commercial sources, and could represent, for example:

  • All the individuals in a specific neighbourhood,
  • All the people who entered a drawing contest,
  • All the individuals who opted into a newsletter,
  • A customer list from another company.

Such lists should not be used at random. Instead, the data should be analysed in order to create messages and offers which are likely to be applicable to these customers or prospects.

A direct mail marketing campaign may use a number of different communications channels, which include:

  • Mail,
  • E-mail,
  • Phones, and
  • Face-to-face contact.

Different channels will be chosen based on the target group. For instance, a new restaurant might prefer to distribute flyers or – alternatively – leaflets door to door, which:

  • Saves money on mailing costs,
  • Targets the restaurant’s immediate neighbourhood, and
  • Provides an opportunity for person-to-person engagement.

Every direct mail marketing campaign should include a specific call to action. Often this is for an instant purchase (“Pick up the phone and call right now to order”). However, it doesn’t have to be—it could be an initial step which leads to a sale. A direct marketing effort could acquire stronger leads for a specific sales force, even calling customers to schedule appointments for consultations. Other calls to action could involve a “sale” which isn’t a financial one, such as when a non-profit organisation uses direct mail marketing to recruit volunteers.

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