How Should I Grow My Email Marketing List?

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Many business owners wonder whether email newsletters are still relevant and useful to gain prospective clients. The truth is that emails are still the dominant medium of communication in the corporate world. This is especially true for business-to-business communication. That is why it is never a bad thing to keep your e-mail marketing strategy polished and up to date.

Be it a website or a social media page, most articles discussing the growth of an e-mail list advise you to have multiple opt-in forms on your business’ site. Whether you have an existing (even if it’s outdated) website or a Facebook page that reaches ever-increasing numbers of followers, you can increase your leads generated for your e-mail marketing list with these three tried-and-trusted tips.

Tips for growing your email database

Top 3 Must-do’s

Have an opt-in form button and know where to place them.

It’s important to have an opt-in form in the header of your website where it is most visible. It has also proven useful to have an opt-in form in the Cover Photo of your Facebook Page. You’ll use this space to create a picture with your newsletter as the theme. This tactic proves to be very successful because the Facebook header is the first thing that people will see when they land on your page.

Experts also suggest that you put between three and five additional opt-in forms around your website and/or Facebook page. These opt-ins could additionally be placed in the navigation menu, underneath all blog posts, sidebar, pop-ups and any features section.

Create opt-in incentives to grow your email list.

Opt-in offers should be regarded as a win-win since they ought to give your audience extra value in exchange for their e-mail address. Add it as a part of a competition that also incentivises people to share the offer – the one who shares the most wins, for example.

Opt-in offers could consist of:

  • E-mail courses or challenges relative to your brand
  • Video training or tutorials
  • Webinars or audiobooks
  • E-books
  • Resources library

Become an expert with SEO

Better known as Search Engine Optimisation, the potential it holds has the ability increase organic traffic to your website and/or page. Its uses are significant in that search engines rank the content which is most relevant or useful highly. It’s what determines how far up the results list the link to your website and/or page will be in a single-related search.

The key to mastering SEO is keywords. These are the driving factors of what makes your website or page the most likely to be visited. The ultimate way of utilising keywords for Google is by adding them to the following:

  • Blog post title
  • Several times within the blog post – must not too much
  • Blog post URL
  • Image file name and description

These are but mere basics for optimising your online digital marketing in a way that’ll grow your page reach that’ll convert to more and more subscriptions. Although there is an abundance of methods to help grow your e-mail list, this article offers some basics as to get you started.

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