How could Pinterest Help you in your Digital Marketing?

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There are so many exciting and useful tools that can help your digital marketing today. From content marketing to social media marketing, there is a wide array of choices. However, social media marketing has become increasingly visual, opening the playing field for platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Pinterest, which is an online visual search engine (much like Google Images) was launched in 2010 and allows its users to find, collect and share their ‘pinned’ pictures based on their interests such as recipes, style inspiration and more.

Gone are the days of cutting pictures out of magazines and pinning them to an ‘Ideas Board’; the future has arrived. With over 150 million active users per month, Pinterest is unique in that it acts as a digital scrapbook and not a traditional social network. It allows people to discover and share new ideas and has around 2 billion searches per month!

However, you might be wondering how an online pinboard can help your business. We’ve found three ways Pinterest can help you in your digital marketing strategy.

Advantages of Pinterest for your business

It builds brand awareness

Being active as a business on Pinterest exposes your brand to more people. Pinterest is a fantastic, visual way to get your brand’s personality and values across to clients. Moreover, when people know who a brand is and what they stand for, they relate better to it, share more about the brand, which builds brand awareness.

It increases traffic to your website

Every picture on Pinterest links back directly to a website. This means that when you post relevant content on your website and Pinterest – content that people want to see and read about – you are driving people to your website and, therefore, increasing your website traffic. This social media network has become the fourth-largest referrer of traffic. (The top three are Google, Facebook and Twitter.)

Having a Pinterest profile can also boost your ranking on Google. When you use the correct keywords, Pinterest can increase your search rankings on its platform and Google.

It grows your audience

When your company is active on Pinterest, and you are posting content people want to see, you can quite quickly build a large audience across the world. As people ‘pin’ your pictures to their boards, your brand is exposed to potential clients across the globe.

Pinterest best practices

There are a number of best practices that are recommended for you to make your boards stand out:

  • Pick images that are striking

Select images, for your boards, that pop and attract people to you. Choose vertical images that have a 2:3 aspect ratio. This will make sure that your images display well over all devices.

  • Include your logo on your pictures

Because the main thing that other users will see, when they share the images, is the picture, make sure that you include your logo on your images. This will help people make an easy association between you and your images.

  • Use the text to tell a story

Use the text section to help amplify your story and give people more reason why they need to click through to your website and read more.

Do you use Pinterest in your digital marketing? Do you find that it’s working for you? We’d love to hear your opinion! Get in touch with Digital School of Marketing today.

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