How Do I Learn Digital Marketing?

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The COVID-19 pandemic, forcing most of us indoors for months, has had a considerable impact on the increase in work-from-home popularity. Teachers, politicians, office workers, and many others are realising that working from home is possible in the modern digital world we live in. One industry that is getting a lot of attention lately is digital marketing – a job that can be done completely online and from anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in a digital marketing career, this article offers three tips to start learning digital marketing today:

Expose Yourself To Marketing

As is the case with many jobs these days, you won’t really know what it’s all about until you’re doing it yourself. However, the more dedicated future marketing professionals can start grooming themselves long before taking a seat at a desk on their first day on the job. Get to know marketing by following your favourite brands on social media. Monitor the content they’re putting up, paying close attention to elements like imagery used, tone of voice in the copy, and how target audiences are engaging with each piece of marketing. This will give you an idea of what’s hot and what’s not in the marketing world.

Start Building Your Digital Skills

Much of digital marketing is learned on the job, but there’s a boatload of stuff you can get good at before even applying for your first digital marketer position. Often, the most optimal way to learn something is to teach yourself, and the good news is that – with marketing – all you’ll really need is a computer and an Internet connection. Teach yourself fundamental skills like writing effective copy, designing simple graphics, and using content management systems on various platforms (Facebook, WordPress, etc.) to get an understanding of how common marketing platforms and functions operate.

Enrol In A Digital Marketing Qualification

Why do you need to establish your own digital skills if you’re just going to learn them again in a qualification, right? While a marketing qualification will impart ample information regarding the industry and how to effectively navigate it, you aren’t going to learn EVERYTHING there is to know. Aspiring digital marketers should combine self-learning with an accredited marketing course. This will ensure that they have the practical marketing skills needed to hit the ground running when landing a marketing job, and that they have the recognised qualification to land them the job in the first place.

Think that a work-from-home job as an account manager, copywriter, or social media marketer is just what you need in 2021? There’s not been a better time in history, than right now, to get into the exciting field of digital marketing and advertising.

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