How Can Marketing Add More Value To Your Organisation?

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Marketers need to build dexterity. They need to deeply understand the financial and strategic goals of the company. In addition, marketers need to relentlessly pursue capabilities in order to deliver certainty regarding achieving those goals. Be sure you know how you are going to measure marketing’s contribution. Be careful not to confuse vanity metrics with material ones.

If you’re going to talk about opens, clicks or a percentage mix, connect those numbers to a strategic outcome. If you can’t, then it’s an “elevator music” metric, and you should possibly remove it. Focus on focus: Be very intentional about selecting the three to four “make-or-breaks” for achieving the company’s goals.

At the same time, identify the inconsequential things that fall outside of the make-or-breaks and stop doing them. You’ll likely find more success by smartly identifying the things you shouldn’t be doing than by identifying all the things you are capable of — or perhaps way too comfortable — doing.

Always Weigh Up Your Customers’ Perspective

The art of creating added value with marketing starts with the ability to see your company through the eyes of your customers.

Consider what’s important to your target market in addition to how your product or service will benefit them:

  • What challenge does it solve?
  • How will it assist them with overcoming obstacles or doing their jobs better?

Many companies miss the boat by focusing on features instead of benefits in their marketing campaigns. By shifting your focus to providing content which focuses on your customers’ needs you can start helping and stop selling.

Creating customer personas is useful in order to provide insights about your current and future customers, what’s meaningful to them, and gives you a roadmap of the type of content you can create and share in order to provide added value.

Consistently Work To enhance Customer Satisfaction

Although the debate over if the customer is always right (or not!) goes on, a lack of customer satisfaction is a sure-fire way to make sure that people don’t come back.

Asking honest feedback through surveys on a regular basis gives you the opportunity you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ needs in their journey with your business. This is a marketing opportunity to monitor your brand’s identity in the marketplace.

Free survey tools – such as Survey Monkey, KwikSurveys and SurveyPlanet – offer easy-to-use templates and unlimited responses to ensure you can collect feedback and create an action plan based on the results.

Develop An Unforgettable Customer Experience

Businesses with memorable customer experiences are more expected to benefit from word-of-mouth referrals, positive online reviews as well as higher retention rates.

When getting started, you’ll need to contemplate all touch points of your business, from original lead capture to post-purchase communication as well as how to properly maximise the added value for the customer during the process.

Building a customer experience also gives you the opportunity to develop relationships with your customers so that you can connect on levels that go past simply getting the sale.

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